The Will To Succeed: Empowering Coaching Partner With KIJO

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7 months ago

The Will To Succeed: Empowering Coaching Partner With KIJO

In our quest to offer scalable, creative solutions to web development, we strive to find projects that have untapped potential, or at least those that could help people with precious expertise at their side. It’s therefore our pleasure to reveal that KIJO have partnered with Empowering Coaching, an organisation that trains coaches across the UK to work with young people like never before.

Let us give you a sneak peek into what drew us together, and how we’re helping to take this fascinating project to the next level…

An intelligent head-start

Empowering Coaching hasn’t always been a commercial enterprise. The business began life as a research project commissioned by the University of Birmingham, who wanted to fund a workshop for mentoring and management, specifically directed at young people.

The team took an evidence-based approach to determining just how a person deals with someone over their shoulder, pushing what they’re capable of. The project was a huge success, so much so that the University of Birmingham encouraged its leaders to develop the venture further.

However, this posed a challenge: as a group of academics, they knew that guidance and support would be essential in order to create a successful business model. KIJO were thrilled to be given the opportunity to pitch on the website build, and share our vision for Empowering Coaching.

Empowering Coaching KIJO Birmingham

The complete package

We knew that the website was just one piece in the jigsaw puzzle of a much bigger picture. As such, our pitch focused on the potential for Empowering Coaching to become an advisory and social portal for coaches nationwide.

Our proposal was based on a continual partnership taking in SEO, PPC and social media, while putting an emphasis on the website as a tool for communication. We took a commercial approach, without losing sight of the team’s core values – that’s exactly what the client was looking for, meaning we won the trust of Empowering Coaching.

By consulting on their long-term goals, as well as helping the in-house team get to grips with digital marketing, we are empowering our client to take a proactive, sustainable approach to building their online presence.

Empowering Coaching KIJO Birmingham

Looking to the horizon…

The KIJO crew can’t wait to get this website off the ground, so stay tuned to see how the design and marketing of the brand takes shape. If your business wants to follow their lead, and carve a path of its own, then get in touch with us today for digital marketing, web development and consulting services that are a cut above the herd.