Is your Website Mobile Friendly?

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2 years ago

Is your website Mobile Friendly?

Are you aware that Google has changed its algorithm to favour websites that are in Google’s eyes “mobile friendly”. Websites that are not mobile friendly are going to suffer and drop down Google’s rankings, receiving less traffic, less enquiries and less sales from Google searches.

Google Mobile Friendly Test

You can read more about this from various news agencies and I have included the links below:

To check if your website fits the Google Mobile Friendliness criteria then click on the link below and enter the URL of your website:

If you passed the test then thats great! Your website is already mobile friendly and the updates will not affect you. However if your website failed then don’t panic! Here at KIJO Creative Ltd we specialise in mobile friendly design and we build all of our sites to be mobile friendly , as we are experts in this area of design we can turn your site into a mobile friendly site with minimal fuss and no disruption to your desktop version. If you are interested in this service and preserving your Google ranking then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you further.