Train Now. Invest Forever – KIJO & Spearhead Compliance Training

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1 year ago

Another great partnership in the making!

KIJO is pleased to announce we are now working with Spearhead Compliance Training Ltd

For a web design agency that’s always on the look-out for inventive prospects, we’ve found our perfect match in Spearhead Compliance Training, a leading provider of online and practical training courses. We’re working together to bring their industry-certified programmes to a wider audience, and we can’t help but tell you about it.

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John Loveday

Businesses lose millions of pounds every year due to lack of staff training. Here at KIJO, we’re passionate about investing in people, which is why we couldn’t be happier with our plans to lengthen Spearhead’s shadow over the qualification sector. Let us tell you a bit more about the company, and how we’re going to help:

An award-winning training provider

Founded by ex-HM force members John Loveday and Paul Hood, Spearhead Compliance Training was born on one simple idea: to make every workplace aware of the requirements for secure, clued-up service.

Over the past couple of years, the company has developed a network of licensed training coaches, providing workforces across the country with a professional eye to galvanise their certification efforts.

Their industry awards have come thick and fast. They were voted Business of the Year at the Birmingham Awards 2015, along with gongs at the ESpark (Most Accelerated Business) and the Best Business (Top 6) ceremonies. Attention has increased so drastically that Spearhead were named Delivery Partner to the Ministry of Defence, a nice call-back to the company’s original source of inspiration.

Web Design Birmingham

Paul Hood

Building on a reputation

With now over 125 trainers under their umbrella nationwide, the Spearhead team recognised that they needed to develop a more sophisticated platform for their brand and e-learning packages.

They approached our web design gurus to overhaul their existing site, and create a sleek, professional and accessible website that would reflect the established nature of their brand.

A partnership for success

We’re delighted to be working with a brand that already has so much pedigree. Making e-learning easier for Spearhead’s customers is our main mandate – we’ll allow trainees to learn and complete their modules, with nothing getting in the way of their professional development and certification. It’s early days yet, but we’re already excited to introduce their new website to the world. Watch this space for further updates!

Fancy a slice of the action? We have a plethora of web and mobile platform expertise to draw from, and we can suit any organisation, no matter the size. To find out more, contact us, and we’ll be happy to spill a few beans…