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5 easy ways to use Lottie Animations in WordPress Elementor

Tasha Raymond

Author Image: Tasha Raymond
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With the latest release from Elementor, designers gained access to hundreds of customisable Lottie Animations to use in their projects. Website designers have long relied on gifs and videos to introduce movement, but these embedded file types are limited to operating within a restricted framework. Lottie Animations are responsive, elegant and integrated with functional elements of the page, providing consumers with better user experiences for their products.

In addition to enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your website’s user interface, dynamic designs are a psychologically useful tool. Using animation helps you communicate with readers on a visual and emotional level, breathing life into your brand’s virtual “body language”.

Statistics presented on the blog suggest that the average adult’s online attention span is roughly now just 8 seconds. A web page therefore must engage viewers within this short time frame to successfully achieve the desired conversions.

With the average attention span in 2020 recorded as 12 seconds, but just a mere 8 seconds; in 2020, a web page, therefore, must engage viewers within this short space of time. Animations firstly assist with this by initially attracting website visitors, and then continue to keep them engaged. Here are just a few fantastic examples of Lottie animations being used in website designs.

Above the fold

The visible part of an iceberg above the water is often only 10% of the whole, meaning that to understand the size of it, we need to look deeper. Like an iceberg, the majority of web users only engage with content which appears ‘above the fold’ before deciding whether or not it is useful.

To avoid clutter, content creators prefer to make all important web content visible to visitors, above the border when a page first loads. To complement this content, colour blocked sections and large photographs help to space content out. Graphics such as Lottie animations can similarly be deployed to pull the reader’s eye downwards into the page and keep them engaged. A prime example of this would be an arrow tracking a web visitors’ progress through a page, or an illustration which develops with scrolling.

5 easy ways to use Lottie Animations in WordPress Elementor

Triggering a reward response, using animations this way can encourage viewers to keep exploring your website and learn more from your page. Increased time spent on a website should ultimately result in an increase in that page and site’s SEO score, and also serve to increase conversions. Lottie animations can run on any browser that supports modern Javascript. As this is the majority of modern browsers, Lottie animations are an easily accessible tool for many developers to incorporate into their current and future web design projects.

Trigger Happy

Some website animations use triggers such as a mouse-click or scrolling to begin directing the user’s gaze towards specific information or a call to action. Subtle versions of this are found on many sites, where buttons change colour, or move when hovered upon. With increasing capabilities for animations, designers can begin to use more complex signposting to increase brand associations. One good example of a company using Lottie animation for this purpose is GPS navigation service, Waze.

5 easy ways to use Lottie Animations in WordPress Elementor

As modern attention spans become ever shorter, it is vital for vendors to be able to quickly and effectively attract their desired demographic and successfully secure their target markets. Adding interactivity to websites, Lottie animation elements are an affordable way to creatively target consumers by increasing value and reducing costs.

Balancing the use of high-quality graphics against the costs of storing, transporting and rendering them, the lightweight animated graphics format of Lottie animations works to make applications smaller.

Boasting more robust and dynamic features than those previously supported within more traditional graphics formats; Lottie animations create a reliably interactive journey for the customer, all whilst supporting a low cost, lightweight, and universally compatible software.

Lottie animations are not only the perfect tool for crafting a seamless customer experience online, but also for being the catalyst for both a significant increase in customer interest in a vendors’ product and of course more successful conversions.

Picture this

Let’s say your business has come up with a new way for customers to choose, order and receive products. By using animation, you can show each step in the sequence, creating an accessible and visual format for customer education. Pictorial demonstrations are not just pretty additions, they support those reading your website in a second language with their translation, and enable visitors to your page to digest the information in moments. When customers feel confident about a process, they are more likely to convert interest to purchase. One good example of this is the online brand book mindset tool, Corebook.

5 easy ways to use Lottie Animations in WordPress Elementor

In addition to the many uses for Lottie animation, it also has its practical benefits. Lottie animations are very lightweight and versatile, so can be adopted across multiple platforms and therefore multiple devices. This versatility also allows Lottie animations to be universally compatible for integration across a wide selection of software, without the need for any additional costly tools.

Whether it be iOS, Android, Web, Windows, or other smart, mobile devices, Lottie’s increased accessibility enables users to maximise upon the animations’ interactivity, which in turn impacts upon a greater level of responsiveness.

This greater responsiveness usually equates to the consumer having spent longer amounts of time on a website which facilitates Lottie animations, ensuring the consumer is better informed about specific products.

It is then hoped that the Lottie animations help to resonate with the consumer, exactly how a particular product or service can benefit them, resulting in the vendor achieving both a significant increase in website visitors, and successful purchases.

Character building

Your website projects the values and personality of your brand to everyone who visits and is the most important point for supporting the brand identity you cultivate in your communications, and visitors need to recognise the same energy to feel confident in your business.

The way your animations move and the space they take up can have dramatic effects on how people see your brand. An innocuous bouncing arrow is both subdued and playful, while page features which glide or zoom gently are elegant and refined.

A brand mascot can interact with users in playful ways, showing your brand doesn’t take itself too seriously. MailChimp’s ‘Freddie the MailChimp’ appears in multiple animated illustrations throughout the user interface, creating an entertaining and humorous way to diffuse the serious business of sending marketing emails and newsletters.

5 easy ways to use Lottie Animations in WordPress Elementor

Keeping it simple

Projecting a sleek, simple and efficient style for your business doesn’t mean minimalist websites can’t use animations too. Using lightweight Lottie animations to add subtle yet repetitive designs throughout a professional site, even at background level, can add some truly atmospheric effects.

Adding small yet noticeable movements to illustrations such as a steaming cup of coffee, or, a tree swaying in the breeze can positively affect user experience. Crisp’s website is a great example of atmospheric movement, as background elements of the hero banner’s illustration are animated to sway as though in a breeze. The animation follows the physics of the real world, combining with the simple line drawings and block colours to show a playful, human side to digital business support.

5 easy ways to use Lottie Animations in WordPress Elementor

As an additional design feature, Lottie animations are stored as plain text files. Whilst these are easy to maintain, they also do not rely on any complicated or costly specialised software, or maintenance tools.

Easy to format and manipulate when needed, Lottie animation text data can be saved as JSON files, and can therefore be easily assimilated into either Javascript or any JSON supported application. Portable and popular, with so many user friendly features, it is clear why Lottie animations are currently the most universally popular and portable animated graphics format.

How do I start using animations?

Today’s world of modern technology seems to hold endless open doors for online vendors, and their consumers. Reliance on technology and an increase in Ecommerce and online shopping activity especially since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, means that your brand advocacy can no longer be represented by your social media platforms alone.

The competition is rising, and only those with the most speedy, reliable and interactive online user interfaces will be considered as worthy of a visit, let alone a purchase or an enquiry. 

Lottie animations are a tool which, not only doesn’t break the bank, but is easy to integrate, and universally supported. They can be used by almost any online vendor website to increase brand awareness and offer an online environment which encourages sales. 

5 easy ways to use Lottie Animations in WordPress Elementor

At present, Lottie is the most dynamic popular animated graphics format in the world, and as if commending this accolade, an increasing number of big brand names are rapidly adopting Lottie animations as a tool to enhance their mobile frontends. Even startups are using Lotties to differentiate their products.

With a host of defining features including affordability, portability, and ease of use, it would appear that there is not a lot to lose, and perhaps a lot to gain, from investing in adopting Lottie animations across your website and digital marketing campaigns. 

Include Lottie animations in your digital strategy today, and create your ideal website with KIJO. View our previous projects at 

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