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Animated Videos Coleshill

Mike O'Raw


Author Image: Mike O'Raw
animated videos for coleshill businesses
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Animated Videos Coleshill – We’re constantly told to deliver clear, dynamic content that’ll be pushed out across the web. But this shouldn’t be a static straightjacket blogs, social posts and email marketing aren’t your only resources.

Animated videos can liven up your marketing, ready to use for any advantage. In a few minutes, you can teach, entice and entertain your prospects with charming visuals that hammer home your brand. It’s an increasingly relevant part of digital marketing, and current technology means it won’t stretch your purse strings.

KIJO Creative want to bring Animated Videos Coleshill to the forefront of your business plan. No other medium has the same hook or creative potential. For a local venture, it’s unexpected, and that’s a killer effect to leave on your target audience.


Designing with a Coffee – In Action Picture – SEO Geeks Animated Video

What can businesses get out of animated video?

Personality, craftsmanship, an eye-grabbing love for detail these are the typical responses to an animated video, which are all relevant to your appeal. Most organisations want to be seen as a fun, inclusive endeavour, one that speaks to people on a level they can appreciate. With the ebb and flow of animated graphics to support it, you can pack a ton of information into a single video, without the user ever feeling like it’s a chore to watch.

What arises from this? You guessed it higher conversion rates, hovering somewhere between a 200-300% increase in clicks to your site. Search engines now prioritise video marketing above other, less enrapturing media. Algorithms crawl for popular videos, and stack them at the top of search results, rewarding your engagement efforts.

And, of course, some businesses just can’t show what they do best in a traditional explainer video. They may work in a sensitive industry, find it hard to pick a suitable location for the shoot, or want to break from reality to communicate their core talents; animated video in Coleshill has no boundaries, except for what a developer can dream up.

Animated Video Coleshill

In Action Screenshot – Park-IT Animated Video

KIJO’s Methodology

The KIJO team is able to bring any idea to life, however abstract it is, through our animation services.  We look at your branding, storyboard the narrative you’ll take the viewer through, and write and record the accompanying script. Animated Videos Coleshill can take on elements specific to your region, or be left as more general introduction to what you do it depends on your strategy.

Animation may be in the form of infographics, charts, special characters, maps, or vibrant storylines that move prospects from A to B. This will depend on your brand, which affect everything from colour schemes through to the tone of your voiceover.

Animated Videos Coleshill

In Action Screenshot – Reveal PI Animated Video

Animated video in Coleshill our clients

Since this medium is in growing demand, we’re picking up a fair deal of animated video Coleshill projects, each with their own challenges. KIJO are thrilled about the creative freedom it can give us, and by extension your name in an industry.

To show you what we’re capable of, here’s a pair of our favourite animation projects:

Reveal PI

KIJO have an extensive relationship with Reveal PI, a UK-wide network of private investigators. As a brand that is, by its very nature, couched in mystery, animation was a great means to make their services less heavy and complicated.

The first frames of the video met this question head on: I want to hire a private investigator, but how does it all work?’ To answer it, we developed a representation of the user experience, starting at a friendly call (played out with bright, smiling characters) and a seamless zoom-in to a map, which made way for a covert trailing narrative with cars on neighbourhood road.

It was vital to avoid sugar-coating what Reveal PI do i.e. for the purposes of the video, exposing marital infidelity. The ‘cheating’ couple were included in the animation, but merely as a fact of the scenario we didn’t overplay the moral high ground. A voiceover explained everything as it was shown on the screen, leading to a final shot of the company logo being peeled from a white background, reinforcing their brand.


Park IT

Logistics is a huge issue for many airport parking providers. Park IT, who have created a system to make the whole process a breeze, had to display their ingenuity, whilst making the subject engaging.

KIJO managed to distil the tool’s unique qualities in a video that doesn’t even graze the two-minute mark. The problem was presented: an angry driver going red at the thought of a laborious parking regime. Following that, the software’s benefits were laid out in succession, from the deposit and retrieval of keys to back office organisation.

Animated video was ideal, since it let us shift perspective, matching the state of one car to the lot as a whole, and putting it in context with holiday flight plans the main force behind why the software exists at all. Any of these strategies would’ve been exceedingly tough to pull off with regular video; animation was the best way to capture Park IT’s software in action.


SEO Geeks

A specialist SEO agency who needed an animated video to further explain how Search Engine Optimisation works and how their process works.  Using the company’s strong branded we created an animated video that has hugely impacted their website traffic conversion rate.


For a gorgeous perspective on your business, animated video has no equal. It’ll do wonders for your web traffic, and point a receptive audience towards your door! Whatever the size of your venture, KIJO are here to do your concept proud, so call us on 0121 663 0523 for a free consultation. Step by step, we’ll energise your brand as it deserves to be seen…

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