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App Design Coleshill

Kirk Thompson


Author Image: Kirk Thompson
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App Design Coleshill

Nowadays, we take our favourite services with us – over 4 million of them, in fact, combined on iOS and Android, with that number growing every year as more tools, services and games beg for an essential role in our lives

Mobile applications are the next leg of your web development [LINK] and branding [LINK] ambitions. A business in the Midlands, or anywhere for that matter, can garner a huge audience with an app that fulfils something we truly crave.

KIJO Creative is proud to delve into your aims for the next, must-have name on the mobile market. Yes, it takes a fair amount of persistence and ingenuity. But that’s what we’re for, making app design in Coleshill is a challenge worth taking…

What app development in Coleshill represents for you

We like to think of app construction as a digital sandbox – it can be almost anything you want it to be. Yet, just like a sand structure, it can fall to pieces without an exact and caring touch. Apps have to be treated like a work of art, as well as a single-minded solution to a problem.

App design in Coleshill proves that you want people to be thinking, complementing and interacting with your business throughout the day. Convenience is a symbol: it means you are inclusive, that you welcome any and all user engagement, and that you fulfil needs on demand. Your brand, very quickly, can become a habit people return to, explored on a commute, a walk, or in a roomful of friends. More so than a website, it follows your audience, and distils your appeal into one or two functions.

You might build an app as an extension of your main venture; or, conversely, the app could be the brand figurehead, set as the cornerstone of your earning model. Both roles demand a sensitive eye for the user experience i.e. the colours, graphics, text and practical accomplishments it can perform. These features should never be muddled or overstuffed. The best apps aren’t coy about why they’re useful; they simplify the service/products you’re committed to.

So, you get the benefit of clarity, a fast and responsive window to your talent, and the chance to cross geographical boundaries in a ready-made package… What’s not to love?

How we approach app design in Coleshill

There’s honestly nothing we can’t lend our hand to, in terms of app development. KIJO’s goal, whatever the project, is to build a tool that can stand proudly alongside a global competitor. In the app market, there’s no distinction for where something comes from; the only barometer is how it can make a user happier, less stressed, or ready to buy.

We start with a friendly, frank conversation about your targets and the overall concept of the app. Budget is a big factor even at this stage, since larger investments often result in far superior results when the application is ready to launch. Brand discussions will be undertaken, as we cut to the bone of what the app will do, whilst still reflecting your professional character.

If you decide to go ahead, we’ll help you determine whether to build an iOS or Android app, or one in a language (like Node.js) that will give you the freedom to work across any device. For iOS fans, we’re actually part of the Apple Developer programme, giving us access to some of the most advanced coding perks for iOS, in addition to beta testing.

As the app comes to life, we’ll keep updating you with how things are getting on, and track the early days of its market potential with advanced analytics. You’ll know exactly how well it’s being received, and what might be tweaked in response.

App design in Coleshill – a case study

Want to see why we’re so confident? Here’s a recent spotlight on our client, Move It Or Lose It:

Move It Or Lose It

We’re all preoccupied with fitness. To older people, however, it can be daunting – they may have limited mobility, or generally be unused to exercise. Move It Or Lose It was established to counter those hang-ups head-on, via a nationwide network of personal trainers, aided by discussion, workout DVDs, and (of course) the Move It Or Lose It app.

The client came to us with a lot on their plate. They needed an application to be designed from scratch, one that could connect users to their trainers, and report on how hundreds of class members felt about what they were doing. Whilst data capture was essential, the app had to be very simple to pick up, ensuring elderly users weren’t intimidated by it at any stage of their exercise plan.

Over the next few months, KIJO rose to the challenge. Move It Or Lose It’s clientele can now give feedback before, during and after their classes – a vital source of information for a brand that must respond to a fixed demographic, even as they move with the advice of training experts.

Communicability and a sense of openness is what drives people to better themselves; that’s exactly what KIJO’s app manages to do, and Move It Or Lose It were overjoyed with what we delivered!

In today’s business landscape, it’s tempting to rush into the mobile app sphere with loads of ideas, but no real patience to harness them. That’s why you come to us: the KIJO team is more than willing to sit down and amplify what makes you unique. Call us on 0121 663 0523 for app design in Coleshill, before an idea runs away from you…


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