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The Benefits of Micro Area Landing Pages

Mark Simmonds

Lead Growth Consultant

Author Image: Mark Simmonds
Bannocks - Landing Page
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Let’s get straight into it.

Micro area landing pages are used to target specific keywords within local areas. Depending on the areas you choose and the keywords you target, you have the potential to create a complete unique experience for your viewers – which is specifically tailored to the users search.

With user searches becoming more and more long tail (over the last few years) we have found it is essential to make sure the user is completely satisfied with the page they land on, with the aim they act upon a certain conversion.

Creating the perfect micro area landing page can be a gruelling task due to the number of key elements which are taken into account. For example;

  • Content Length
  • LSI Keywords
  • H Tag Hierarchy
  • Internal / External Links
  • Use of Media & Images

However throughout this article you will notice the benefits are exceedingly rewardable.

What companies can benefit from Micro Area Landing Pages?

The truth is this,

All companies can ultimately benefit from micro area landing pages. There is no hidden rule which suggests otherwise. However it is often the case that much smaller and thus local  businesses will tend to reap the benefits – compared to the larger firms.

The reason for this is also fairly straightforward. Firms who of which operate within their local area may only be looking for customers who require their service locally. Because of this it is key they focus on the search terms which users in the local area are searching at the time.

It is therefore our job at KIJO to discover these keywords and in turn create landing pages which are optimised for Google and the end user.

What are the benefits of Micro Area Landing Areas?


When choosing and identifying your specific targeted keywords you will find that (especially if you operate within a fairly non competitive online industry) rankings will improve in the first two weeks of the campaign. However this may take slightly longer if the competitiveness of the industry is much more competitive. The focus will then to be to optimise the landing pages for both Google & the customer.

Organic Traffic

Once you begin to see an increase in rankings you will also see a correlated rise in organic traffic. This will put more trust and authority on your site with regards to Google as it shows your site is relevant and valuable. This will then indicate to Google that your landing pages can relate to other LSI keywords which users may search.

Increase in Sales & Enquiries

Depending on how well your landing pages are optimised you will begin to see a gradual increase in enquiries and sales from specific areas which you target.

Micro Area Landing Pages – Case Study

Here at KIJO we have carried out multiple campaigns were Micro Landing Pages have been at the forefront of the Digital Marketing campaign.

For example

Bannocks, a headstone manufacturer situated in Kings Heath, Birmingham wished to target local areas where a graveyard was near. Because of this we decided on a 10 mile radius and recorded the micro areas. These areas are as follows;

  • Kings Heath
  • Redditch
  • Selly Oak
  • Sutton Coldfield
  • Erdington
  • Kings Norton

Landing Page Example

Here is an example of one of Bannocks landing pages “Cemetery Monuments Selly Oak“. Here you can see the title of the landing page is the focus keyword in which we wish to rank for.

landing page example

Ranking Number 1

As you can see our landing page for the keyword “Cemetery Monuments Selly Oak” ranks on the number one spot. Remember approximately 33% of all search traffic visits the number one website.

Note* It is key that the URL / Meta Title and H1 Tag includes the focus keyword. 

All Targeted Keywords for Selly Oak

In fact all of Bannock’s landing pages for Selly Oak occupy the number one spot.

cemetery monuments selly oak

Increase in Organic Search 

If we take a look at Bannocks Google analytics we can see that the production of the landing pages has allowed organic traffic to be the main driver of traffic. Driving over 100 visitors.

Can we help with your Digital Marketing Strategy? 

We don’t just try to get your business on the first page of search results – we aim for the top spot. Our SEO gurus employ a combination of techniques including content creation, email marketing, split testing, heat mapping and outreach.

Call us today on 0121 726 1250 and let’s discuss the potential in your digital marketing strategy.


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