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Branding Agency Coleshill

Kirk Thompson


Author Image: Kirk Thompson
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Branding Agency Coleshill

At KIJO Creative, we believe that every brand can do better. All it takes is a little creative thinking to unlock that dormant energy and showcase your best characteristics. As a leading branding agency in Coleshill, we work with clients across the Midlands to do just that.

Your logo, website and marketing collateral should be consistent, representing your brand identity clearly across all channels. Partner with us, and together we’ll tighten up those points of difference that make you stand out…

The basics of branding

In the strictest terms, your brand is you. The practical, real-world elements of your business should be mirrored from a visual standpoint. People have to know what they’re getting and why they should get it, from the very first touchpoint.

As a branding agency in Coleshill, we regularly meet companies that aren’t sure, exactly, how they can represent themselves. They may have a great vision, an emotive story, or a niche pull factor – if they can’t express it, though, they’re lost in the herd of competitors.

Our branding experts strip things back to the basics: what motivates you? How do you impact your customers? If your brand walked into a roomful of strangers, what would it be wearing, and how would they see it?

These ideas form the crux of our logo design [LINK] services, which encapsulate what you bring to the industry. Then we look at the DNA of your website [LINK] to determine how your ideals might be better expressed. Such thoughts run into printed and digital marketing [LINK], which reinforces your brand across all mediums.

Acting as a branding agency for Coleshill or any other region carries a simple tenet – what we say, and how we look, are intertwined. Our services cater for the outward face of your business, as well as the language with which you present yourself.

Why choose a local branding partner?

You may be wondering why it’s better to work with a branding agency in Coleshill, rather than someone in London, or even overseas. In essence, the KIJO team is here for you, a skip and a jump away from your workplace. We’re always on hand to organise a meeting, in person, should you have any queries or ideas to share.

Additionally, we recognise what makes a brand strike far beyond its regional appeal. We’ll make your venture talk, act and compose itself like an irresistible prospect, the sort that anyone might be drawn to, wherever they live. With the scope of the internet on your side, there’s nowhere your new brand can’t breach, even as you optimise the local appeal…

Branding agency Coleshill – our clients

Since we’re not shy about the force we can bring to a branding exercise, here are some KIJO favourites we’ve nurtured over the years:

Innovate Psychology

This client was eager to portray a calm, contemporary stance on mental health. Its inclusive therapy services had to appeal to all ages, from children all the way through to adults who might be sceptical about their services.

We embarked on a comprehensive branding exercise with the client, pulling the core elements of the business into three concepts that, in different ways, expressed the values and vision of the brand.

The final logo, selected by the client, added a flexing figure to the typography – showing, in essence, a person relaxing into the brand name, shaded in a muted blue and green. The branding is accessible, drawing the eye with its clean, un-busy style and use of the Mosk font.

Reveal PI

As a network of private investigators, Reveal PI had a lot to tackle: namely, the twin pressures of staying mysterious and decisive, whilst remaining open to all sorts of scenarios.

We created new marketing collateral that toed the line between these concerns, giving this team of private investigators wide-ranging appeal to clients in both the commercial and domestic sectors.

PCP Heating

The warmth and security of our homes is an emotive topic, making this local team of heating engineers a ripe candidate for the expertise of our branding agency in Coleshill.

KIJO rebranded the PCP Heating logo to make it more inviting, a symbol of the link between heat and a happy home. We also extended the colour scheme and style to the web buttons, which relate to specific routes the service can take.

The Tattoo Book

This was a crowd any designer would really have to up their game for; tattoo artists aren’t going to tolerate messy visuals. Thankfully, they turned to a leading branding agency in Coleshill – that’s us! – to get their brand image spot on.

We focused on the artisanship of the online platform, reminding its audience of how much thought, care and creativity goes into the craft. The web design aligned to the logo – a pair of thumbs and needles for the double ‘T’s of the name – and the user interface, which prioritised seeing the tattooists in action.

As a branding agency in Coleshill, we’re amongst the best you’ll ever find. KIJO stays far ahead of the local pack when it comes to your business aims. Call us on 0121 663 0523 for a free consultation, and see if your brand can fly above those nipping at its heels…


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