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Cinemagraphs: Breathing Life Into Hogarths Web Design

Kirk Thompson


Author Image: Kirk Thompson
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Project Update 6th October 2017

Keeping it fresh – new cinemagraphs for a new season

As we hinted in our last update, we’ve been busy creating some new cinemagraphs for Hogarth’s website. Aside from the fun we had making them, the new images will help freshen up the site and showcase more elements of the Hogarth’s hospitality experience. In this case the sumptuous hotel bar.

The latest cinemagraph shows a tempting crimson cocktail being poured over ice with the liquid moving fluidly as the barman and surroundings remain still. We love the way the colour and movement of the drink create an attention-grabbing focal point and get the taste buds tingling. You can just imagine yourself at the bar, glass in hand.

Taking the project to new heights with drone videography

We always believe we can add more to a project, or find an inventive way to spice up a website. The next step for Hogarth’s was to add more stand-out imagery to the site and this time we wanted to give the visitor a truly immersive experience.

We’re very excited to be able to show you the results of a drone video we shot for Hogarth’s.

Because of the agility of the drone itself, there are a huge variety of perspectives that are possible. This means we can put the viewer directly into the scenario. Filming at head height gives the feeling of walking across a wooden bridge in a secluded area of the grounds or allows a bride-to-be to visualise walking up the aisle on her big day. Manoeuvring the drone up, away from the property provides stunning aerial shots of the hotel that you couldn’t achieve any other way.

See for yourself with the preview below, and keep an eye out for the new imagery appearing soon on

Project Update – 22nd August 2017

This project went better than expected and proved a big hit with both the Hogarths staff and customers, the results can be seen on the new website which has been live for over 9 months now. The Cinemagraphs where a great addition to the website, so much so we have been back out this week to shoot some more! Cinemagraphs really are a great way to bring photography and a website to life.

The Cinemagraphs Shoot

We love it when a plan comes together, and already our big ideas are coming to fruition for the Hogarths’ web project that we recently told you about. Last week, we were on set in their stunning hotels, capturing the essence of this luxury hotel brand over two days to feed into our cutting-edge web design.

Curious to learn more? Without further ado, let us give you an insight into what our team has been up to behind the scenes at the Hogarths hotel group…

Life’s little luxuries

The moment we first stepped into a Hogarths establishment, we knew we’d arrived somewhere special. Eager to evoke the same reactions from their website, our pitch during the tender process included a series of cinemagraphs that would jump off the screen and bring their online presence to life.

From afternoon tea and flambeing in the kitchen, to overflowing baths in the stunning rooms of the hotel, the Hogarths experience has much potential for visual interpretation. We wanted to give visitors to the new Hogarths’ websites a glimpse of what they could expect, to feast their imagination and drive bookings.

Lights, camera, action

Having been selected by Hogarths to work on their web design, we wasted no time in planning the cinemagraphs we wanted to create. Shooting 11 different sets at each location over two days, our team had ambitious objectives for the footage we hoped to capture.

Hogarths Stone Manor Cinemagraphs

Hogarths Stone Manor Shoot

In Solihull, we had to contend with challenging weather conditions, which required time and patience for the carefully composed outdoor shots. However, we were lucky to be surrounded by the attentive and accommodating Hogarths staff, who made the whole experience a real pleasure.

Read more about our corporate video production expertise

Hogarths Solihull Shoot Cinemagraphs

Hogarths Solihull Shoot

Picture-perfect results

It wasn’t a walk in the park or the extensive grounds of Hogarths for that matter but we succeeded in capturing 22 unique scenes for our cinemagraph shots. We’re delighted with the results, which have come out wonderfully in post production with a little colour editing here and there.

Hogarths Solihull Colour Edit Cinemagraphs

Hogarths Solihull Colour Edit

Hogarths Stone Manor Colour Edit Cinemagraphs

Hogarths Stone Manor Colour Edit

We believe these living photos will really bring the Hogarths’ websites to life, giving depth to their online presence and offering an immersive experience for visitors. Paired with our fresh and modern web design, our team can’t wait to reveal the results when we launch their websites in a few weeks’ time.

Want to incorporate stunning visuals into your own website? To discover how KIJO gives our clients a dynamic, engaging online presence, arrange a free consultation with our team. Contact us to have a chat, and see how we could help you!

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