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Your website is the core element of your digital identity and an essential ingredient for success. Building an effective platform is a big task for any business. Local firms and global corporations alike all need a website that looks great, performs consistently and delivers a flawless user experience to every visitor. With so much riding on your website design, you need to work with an agency that understands these requirements and has the proven skills to meet them.

For any business that needs market-leading, head-turning web design, Solihull agency KIJO is the perfect choice. Our talented team can create a modern, versatile website that reflects your brand. With bespoke designs and advanced features, we can build a platform that promotes your services in the local area and to the wider world.

excellent web design solihull

As the top web design company Solihull has to offer, we can develop and maintain a new site, or overhaul an existing site to improve performance across the board. Our in-house team has extensive experience working with clients across multiple industries.

On the frontend, our designers deliver stunning graphics and custom animations to enhance the visual impact of your site. We can manage your SEO to boost your search engines rankings and provide industry-leading hosting solutions to slash your page loading times. No matter what you want to achieve with your website, we have the creative vision and industry-expertise to make it happen.

Businesses fuelled by the local community might assume that the best marketing technique to gain new customers is a real-world campaign. However, even local audiences are most effectively targeted online. Your digital platforms have the potential to connect with local customers and simultaneously attract new audiences. This makes our Solihull web design services an essential investment. Our in-house industry experts work with advanced software platforms, optimising your website to ensure your online visibility is unmatched.

It’s not just our work as a web design agency in Solihull that local businesses take advantage of, we offer many other bespoke services. If your brand feels lacklustre and in need of some attention, we can revitalise it with our branding services. Should your site lack quality content, our writers deliver copy that sizzles, launching your page to the top of the search engine results. Have ambitious plans to launch a new application? Our talented developers can build native and web applications from the ground up that exceed your most ambitious expectations.

There has never been a better time to change the fortunes of your business with a professional website design company; Solihull is a competitive marketplace and KIJO mixes local knowledge with world-class web development expertise. We are an agency with a passion for the area and the skills to benefit local organisations seeking digital dominance.

We’ve Worked With The Best Companies In Solihull

KIJO is the top web design agency Solihull has to offer – but don’t just take our word for it. We’ve built lasting relationships with many local businesses, providing exceptional websites and hosting services that have transformed their customer engagement.

Crucial Trading

Take our work with Crucial Trading, a bespoke home furnishings firm. They got in touch because their existing website was falling short of expectations. Our data analysis revealed exactly where improvements were required and uncovered some valuable opportunities. We streamlined the navigation to their most valuable assets and modernised their homepage design, transforming the site into an impressive, interactive platform that wowed their discerning, web-savvy clientele.

crucial trading

With our expert website design, Solihull businesses can stand out in the same way. Crucial Trading needed their site to perform flawlessly across all devices. We deliver a fully responsive website for all our clients, meaning our designs perform well on mobile, desktop and tablet. We also developed a bespoke native application that greatly enhanced the customer experience for mobile users. Finally, we ensured all platforms worked together, making processing samples and orders easier for the Crucial Trading team.

BCU Advantage

Birmingham City University’s business growth network are another happy KIJO client. The network, known as BCU Advantage, needed a fresh new website that was more visually striking and better served the needs of entrepreneurs than their existing site. Our innovative design was bright and engaging, channelling each user to the most relevant services.

web design solihull

We created a bespoke multi-step form to streamline the user journey. Far from a dull tick-box exercise, our form included vibrant cards and inspiring language, making it a joy for businesses to use.


Regional public sector organisation, West Midland Employers, needed our assistance to rejuvenate their brand and simplify their digital platform. We began with brand design, creating a modern logo complete with a vibrant colour palette. We combined their striking new visual identity with a strategic website restructure. By reorganising the information on their website into logical sections, we streamlined the user journey and made WMEmployers services shine.

website design solihull

Our client needed a sustainable solution that would be easy for them to manage long-term. We understand that the best digital solutions need to deliver more than an excellent user experience. For WMEmployers, we combined an intelligent design system with an intuitive interface so that they could easily add and update content without impacting the website’s overall integrity.

Avoid a long search for a web designer. Solihull businesses of all kinds can rely on us for flexible, competitive services. We think our work speaks for itself, so check out the sites we’ve developed and see why our clients trust us to turn out truly special designs.

Confused About Website Hosting? Don’t Be

When it comes to website hosting, Solihull businesses can come to us for support with the technical side of keeping a site up and running. This can be a major obstacle to launching a site in the first place or deter you from updating an existing site that is running on outdated hardware.

KIJO can take the hassle out of web hosting, getting your online ambitions out the door. We provide advice and guidance on how to host your site. With our KIJO Cloud Hosting service, Solihull businesses can ensure their website is reliable and resilient.

Our basic cloud hosting option provides support for a simple site, which is monitored 24/7 and backed up daily. We also offer comprehensive cloud packages for clients with multiple sites and specific requirements. Whatever the size of your digital empire, cloud hosting is the most cost-effective and flexible option.

When it comes to hosting, our expertise makes us the best website designer Solihull can offer. We work with several global cloud platforms, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, to provide your website with unshakeable foundations. If you have any questions about hosting or concerns about migrating your site to the cloud, we can talk you through the entire process. This is just one of the many perks of partnering with KIJO, a Solihull website designer like no other.

Award-Winning Web Design Agency In Solihull

Drum Design Awards 2017

Industry recognition is an important thing for any website company in Solihull to achieve. At KIJO we have earned praise from several outlets and organisations for our exceptional projects. This includes securing a nomination in the Drum Design Awards 2017 for our work with client Crucial Trading.

Competing against some of the biggest names in the world of web design is an impressive feat for a local agency like ours. We’re proud of the accolades were received so far and work hard to continue to provide industry-leading web design services. If you want to realise your online potential, we’ve got the talent and the track record that you should be looking for in an agency.

Award recognition is a great indicator of the quality we offer. With KIJO’s great web design, Solihull businesses can maximise their potential.

award winning website design in solihull

You can find KIJO on the Recommended Agency Register (RAR) which is also operated by the Drum. Our status as a RAR Recommended web design agency gives our clients peace of mind and demonstrates that our services are competitive on a national level. It’s not just that no other web design company Solihull has to offer can match us for quality; we’re amongst the best in the country at what we do.

When looking for web design, Solihull businesses can take advantage of the platform-specific skills that we bring to the table. KIJO is a Google Partner, as well as being a certified developer for both Android and Apple devices. If you want to have total confidence in your Solihull website designer, we are your best option every time.

Answering Your Web Design Company Questions

How much does it cost for a new website?

There is no fixed answer when it comes to the price of our Solihull web design packages. Each client is unique and there will be different costs to consider depending on the features you need and how many pages you want us to create. In most cases, a simple upgrade of your current site will be more straightforward and affordable than building a brand-new site. The best option is to contact us, outline your project and get a quote.

How long does it take a web design agency to build a website from scratch?

When choosing a web designer, Solihull businesses should be sceptical of anyone promising a delivery date before knowing what the project entails. At KIJO, we consider all factors before making any promises or setting deadlines. We work quickly and conscientiously to deliver top-quality projects on time. It’s worth remembering, the bigger and more complex your website, the longer it will take to design and launch, so don’t delay getting started.

What is the easiest platform to update?


We know that many clients want to be able to control their site directly, even if they contact KIJO for design and hosting services. When it comes to ease of use and versatility, WordPress is the best platform on the market. We advise all of our clients to invest in a WordPress site, not only does it streamline the development process, but it also allows for future adjustments and additions.

Do you adapt templates or create bespoke websites?

We can do both!

We adapt our design process to each client. With nothing but a blank canvas and some design prompts, we can conjure up a site unlike anything else on the market. We can also provide a unique twist on an existing template if you have one already in mind. With the beautiful, bespoke website design Solihull businesses can access through KIJO, the options are unlimited.

Can you edit WordPress themes?


We have been working with WordPress for 20 years and are experts at adjusting themes to suit our clients’ needs. It doesn’t matter if the theme is a tried and tested option or a hot new arrival; we can work our magic and adapt it in whatever way you wish. Share your goals with us and we can produce results that will make your business stand out.

Who is responsible for the content?

Create content in-house or use our copywriting specialists.

We believe in giving our clients plenty of choice throughout the development process and beyond. You can retain full control of your content management if you wish, and update and add content in-house. Alternatively, take advantage of our skilled copywriting specialists for fully-optimised, expertly written content. Whichever path you take, we’ll support you every step of the way. If your aims change further down the line, we can adjust our content strategy so that it is in sync with what you want to achieve.

Can you provide images that we can use for the new website?

Of course.

Many of our clients supply images for their website which we can use during the design process. If you need some new snaps, we can provide a professional photographer to capture your business in the best possible light. Alternatively, we use popular stock photo sites to source images, then edit them to fit with your brand identity. Clients needing a custom-built website, complete with bespoke images and original content, needn’t worry. We are the ideal website design agency Solihull business can depend on, delivering holistic web development and the full breadth of services you require.

Have you built this type of website before?


At KIJO we have designed websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes, from software companies to retailers and beyond. Our years of experience puts us in the perfect position to develop mind-blowing sites for all our clients, whatever industry they occupy or niche they want to target. Local businesses in Solihull are particularly diverse, and we have assisted many to make the transition to a sharp, professional online presence. Join forces with us and witness the best website development Solihull has to offer.

web design agency located in solihull

Get In Touch With The KIJO Team

If you need a Solihull web design agency with an eye for originality, KIJO will deliver the goods. We have worked with some of the best local businesses to help them boost their online presence and gain traction, and we can do the same for you. Don’t allow your competitors to squeeze you out of the marketplace. Get in touch with KIJO today and see why, when it comes to game-changing web design, Solihull has no better option for ambitious businesses.

Call us on 0121 726 1212 to speak to a member of the KIJO team

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