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Digital Marketing Coleshill

Kirk Thompson


Author Image: Kirk Thompson
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Digital Marketing Coleshill

The online world is an echo chamber, bouncing tens of millions of voices back at us, all of which are trying to say something important. KIJO Creative tackles digital marketing in Coleshill from many angles, giving your brand the visibility it needs to start a conversation.

Clients come to us with ideas, but often aren’t sure how to plant a flag in the West Midlands area, guiding customers their way. We assess and galvanise your digital campaign, boosting your visibility on social, search and beyond.

Want to know how we work? There’s a lot to talk about…

A multi-pronged push for your business goals

As a certified Google partner, our aims are simple: to place ourselves in the head of your target audience, and meet the questions, intrigues and desires they have surrounding what you do.

Regional search terminology is, in many cases, an easier proposition than more general advertising. That’s because a web user, whenever they type a search term, has a very specific interest, one they’re trying to explore on their doorstep for convenience’s sake. KIJO can spread subtle, relevant keywords across your online content, building a message that’ll break into the upper ranks of a Google result.

The strategy may change depending on your aims: for instance, we can implement PPC (Pay Per Click) ads to get a head of steam, before letting the organic, self-supportive blueprint of your SEO take over.

By using one or both of these tactics, your site has the greatest gambit for a leading local reputation – we can even further your presence on a national or global level, and make sure your website is picked up by mobile-friendly algorithms!

Feeding your social appetite

These days, everyone has to be a good talker, especially through the grape vine of social media marketing. But not everyone is a dab hand at projecting themselves, or simply don’t have the time to link and relate to their audience directly… Let us bear the mantle for you, so you’re free to keep the nuts and bolts of your business in prime condition.

From impeccable Instagram posts to Twitter polls and Facebook updates, we’ll find the most appropriate path to cause a buzz around your activities. The KIJO team can isolate which platforms are in-line with your brand, and how follower interactions should be forged. Then we’ll hold the reins of your channels for as long as you want us to…

Digital marketing in Coleshill – our clients

It wouldn’t be right to proclaim all of this without showing you the substance behind it. Over the years, we’ve been privileged to work on many projects that are on-going to this day. Here are some that spring to mind:

Reveal PI

Private investigation is a service that many people may need, but never have considered in the real world. We’ve made Reveal PI’s mystery more relatable with extensive site summaries and regional blogging content. SEO was integral to the branding overhaul we were tasked with.

Pack Meadow

As vivacious sports fans, we relished getting behind Coleshill’s football club and Pack Meadow, it’s natural home. A string of news and event updates had to be geared up – on a reliable schedule – to keep supporters in the loop with what’s going on. Social media outreach continues to be the club’s promotional backbone.

Crucial Trading

Since this company is doing exciting stuff with VR-enabled style catalogues, we were able to design an optimised website before the scale of their innovation was presented to the local market. The site reads at good as it looks, with an abundance of flooring-tailored keywords.

Park IT

Park IT is another pioneering brand, focused on digital tools for the airport parking sector. Our blogging services have been designed to inspire and educate potential customers, while raising the brand’s profile.

The Tattoo Book

The core of The Tattoo Book is transparency – people can search for/compare regional ink artists across the UK. Our SEO skills have granted the company a level of exposure that’s deserving of their industry network, and we’re excited to see how far they can take their concept in the social sphere.

BlueBox Self Storage

Security is always a paramount concern, no matter what we’re stashing away. BlueBox Self Storage came to us with significant pride as a Coleshill-based business, and we gave their website a shot in the arm for local appeal.

Innovate Psychology

Busting negative associations in their industry, Innovate Psychology were desperate to show mental health treatment can be a welcome, soothing concept. Our main work so far has been centered on a logo rebrand, but this is set to influence our upcoming digital marketing partnership.

My Green Clean

It was a pleasure to promote this environmentally-sound cleaning service. Site optimisation took in domestic and commercial hire, with plenty of expressive language around the worth of reducing your carbon footprint. With such noble, relatable intentions to draw on, My Green Clean’s promotional efforts are magnetic.

PCP Heating

Birmingham is never short of heating and plumbing specialists. What make PCP Heating stand out are the bright, eye-catching web graphics, supported by West Midlands-related descriptions, and a Facebook account that isn’t shy about presenting the results.

Attease Construction

Building projects can be complex to the average web user; that’s why KIJO assumed responsibility for a site redesign, complete with pages on maintenance, insurance, and gas/electrical services. All of this was backed up by a solid breakdown of safety guarantees, pushing prospects towards a trusting attitude.

What could your own digital marketing in Coleshill look like? We’d love nothing more than to find out – call KIJO Creative on 0121 663 0523 to let us figure out the thrust of SEO, PPC and social engagement for your brand.

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