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What to expect from KIJO during your project

Kirk Thompson


Author Image: Kirk Thompson
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Contact Details

Account Manager: Kirk Thompson

Contact Number: 07734 695 417

Email Address: Kirk@KIJO.co

All communication throughout your project should be run through your account manager.  Your account manager is responsible for managing the project and is the best point of contact for project updates outside of the project portal.

If your account manager is not available via telephone please leave a voicemail for a call back within 24 hours during weekdays, any messages received over the weekend will be responded to on the following Monday.

If your account manager is out of the office for over 24 hours then you will be informed prior to this period and alternative contact details will be provided.

Project Portal

KIJO operates an in-house project portal that each client is added to for the duration of their project.  The portal allows the project stakeholders to view updates, milestones and the agreed schedule of their project.

The portal will also be used to provide links to software such an Invision App to view designs and prototypes as the project progresses.

The customer portal is password protected for each project and login details will be sent to the project stakeholders before commencement of the project.  The customer portal is available 24/7 so clients can login at any point to view the progress of their project.


Invision is an external software system that allows KIJO to share designs and prototypes with project stakeholders.  Periodically throughout a project Invision will be updated with our progress and share links will be added to the project portal to be viewed by the client.

Opinions & Recommendations

The team at KIJO has been assembled to cover a wide range of different skill sets, with a huge wealth of experience, every team member is passionate about their job role and are ambitious in what they want to achieve.  With this being said KIJO will have strong opinions and recommendations about the project we are working on.  These recommendations and opinions will be based on previous success’ we have had both as a team and individually and will always be with the mindset of improving the project for the client.

During the project it is important to keep communication open, we want our customers to enjoy the project process and ask questions about anything they may need to clarify or be uncertain of at the earliest possible date.

KIJO looks forward to working together on a successful project 🙂

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