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Graphic Design Coleshill

Kirk Thompson


Author Image: Kirk Thompson
Reveal - Business Card Graphic Design
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Graphic Design Coleshill

Brands thrive on sharp, meaningful visuals. Any business, no matter the size, aims to project its character and intention, and KIJO can develop your graphic design in support of this goal. We’re passionate about graphic design Coleshill and beyond. From leaflets and flyers to the company logo the very symbol of what inspires you we can encapsulate what makes your brand soar above the competition. Our clients know that we’re committed to local businesses. KIJO offers a friendly, creative eye to what defines you, and your ability to give an indisputable impression.

Why graphic design matters

Now, more than ever, we’re defined by a cohesive visual statement. A customer can stumble upon your brand both physically and in the digital realm, both of which are crucial to making them remember you. Printed materials like flyers, posters and business cards are supported by your website, and the main logo that sums up everything you represent. Each of these points are links in your grander marketing chain; when one becomes weak, the others suffer for it. With our help, your graphic design can compete with the very best brands anywhere in the world. We love to discuss your ideas, draw up our own, and climb to the summit of your branding potential.

Our Graphic Design Services:

Brand Design

KIJO’s conceptual experts can filter out the unnecessary or confused aspects of your brand. Then, we start from the basics what feelings you want to inspire, and how they might be encouraged. Colour, font and web imagery are crucial to getting the right message across. Afterwards, we can implement the new look across your business, ensuring it’s never watered down.

Graphic Design IQ

Logo Design

The lynchpin of your venture, a logo has to be striking, likeable and appropriate. People should be able to tell in an instant what you stand for, and what you can offer them. Our logo designs give you a wider and mightier level of recognition.

Graphic Design Belle Odeur

Online Design

Usually, a website is the first point of contact with your brand. It has to function like a window into your world, as well as being clear to navigate. KIJO tackles the aesthetic qualities of your web platform, designing a beautiful place to call home.

Flyer Design

Printed branding still has its own, specific power. Flyers can tell a story, streamline your benefits and reflect how articulate you are, ideally all at once. Our graphic design in Coleshill can deliver a flyer you’ll be proud of.

Graphic Design GP Locksmiths

Business Card Design

KIJO is proud to fashion memorable business cards for your networking events. If a contact has you in their pocket, they’ll be more inclined to reach out. Use our business card design services to get more buzz and translatable rewards from your meetings.

Graphic Design Park-IT

Brochure Design

It never pays to let one side of your design strategy down. Whether you require a few tweaks here and there, or a full-scale overhaul, tell us what you have in mind. We’re lifting graphic design in Coleshill to new heights, every single day.

Graphic Design Park-IT

Graphic Design Coleshill – Our Clients

Generally, we let our design work speak for itself. But since you’re here, let’s delve into some graphic design success stories with KIJO, and how we left our mark on several organisations.

Reveal PI

As a nationwide team of private investigators, Reveal PI already had a pull factor; our challenge was to extend it as much as we could. Our creatives got to work on both the accessible and covert sides of the business, two key qualities of the service.

That first mandate the sense of transparency and ease-of-hire resulted in a fresh website, with succinct outlines of every problem the investigators can solve. The second task (covert professionalism) led us to make sleek business cards that were elegant and visually sparse. We chose black and white as the colour scheme i.e. someone is either in the right or wrong, and Reveal PI will give you the final word on where they stand.

Graphic Design Coleshill

PCP Heating

Warmth is a sensation that anyone can appreciate. However, there’s stiff competition amongst those who fit and maintain heating equipment in the home. PCP Heating came to us for a re-jigged look to their branding, realising they needed a more artful set of visuals to promote their expertise. This was delivered as a batch of icons with a quirky, hand-drawn feel. They’re ringed in orange, which also forms the dominant shade of the image, relating back to warmth and energy. The client’s services, showcases and assignment highlights were also brought to the fore of their web design.

Innovate Psychology

We had a lot of fun with this one, as Innovate Psychology proved themselves to be an ambitious, offbeat brand from the get-go. Calling themselves industry disruptors’ in mental health treatment, their brief centred on coming up with a logo that would imply relaxed, sensitive and good-natured psychology services across the UK. We were told to avoid any red in the logo design, and to infuse a sense of crispness and space.

Graphic Design Innovate

Our team is always driven by those who think, strive and innovate on our doorstep. It’s an honour to provide graphic design in Coleshill for all sorts of fledgling and established businesses. Call KIJO Creative on 0121 663 0523 or send us a contact form containing your details to receive a free consultation, and make your brand shine from all angles. Together we can help #buildthefuture, to see more of our graphic design work visit KIJO on our Instagram page.


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