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Hi, I'm new here - First Month Working at KIJO

Helena Mitchell


Author Image: Helena Mitchell
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Our newest team member Helena has been part of the KIJO family for a month now. We asked her for an insider’s perspective on joining the team as a copywriter.

Week one: First impressions

I’d been to the KIJO office before. There was of course the dreaded interview (which turned out to be not so scary after all). But day one was the first time that I’d been able to have a proper look around my new workplace.

When you step through the door the first thing that strikes you is the contemporary, crisp look of the place. White macs sit on white desks in front of white walls. Sunlight streams in the dormer windows and brightens the spacious attic office. KIJO like things clean, simple and elegant – and that’s mirrored in the websites they design.

There are punctuations of colour about the place. The bonsai tree in the window (in a white pot). Deep red kitchen units to compliment KIJO’s slim two-tone logo. In the corner is a camera on a tripod and two light diffusers, hinting at creativity. The wall art, three DC Comics canvasses, provides a clue about the personality of my new co-workers.

The team is small but perfectly formed. Everyone has a specialist skill and it’s clear from the off that they’re all into what they do. Don’t be fooled by the casual attire, fruit bowl full of Haribo or chilled out Spotify playlist – this is a heads-down atmosphere of serious graft.

That’s not to say there’s no time to get to know my new colleagues. Soon, the initial first day small talk gives way to conversations about gin, Harry Potter and the Crystal Maze. We’re going to get along just fine.

Week two: The clients

Time to get really stuck into the writing. As a copywriter one of the skills of the trade is switching effortlessly between different topics and tone of voice – giving each piece of writing its own identity.

Variety is a big part of why I enjoy my job. Maybe it’s my short attention span. Or maybe it’s because you never know what new, interesting area of industry you’re going to discover each day. I love the challenge of getting under the skin of different companies and finding a unique and persuasive voice for each of them.  

There’s no lack of variety here. By the end of week two I’ve written a video script, web copy, press releases and blog articles. I’ve covered topics including drone videography, car parking logistics, luxury hotels, SaaS products and tips on cleaning sheepskin rugs.

And that’s just a snapshot of KIJO’s day-to-day work schedule. They’ve built up a pretty impressive portfolio of customers across a range of sectors so I’ve got plenty more juicy copy to get my teeth to. Whatever my career at KIJO turns out to be, it won’t be boring.

Week three: Collaboration

It’s my third week and I’m sitting with the rest of team around the boardroom table. Our eyes are all fixed on the monitor on the wall, contemplating a selection of sleek branding concepts. The design team have been working on a pitch for a potential new customer. It has to be right – so everyone has been invited to share their thoughts on the visuals so far.

Diplomatically, we’re asked to provide positives and negatives for the different logos and designs and choose our favourites. It’s an (almost) unanimous decision.

The conversation is energetic, insightful and open. Between us, we uncover potential for some extra tweaks to take the website to stellar level. With these in place we’re confident we’re offering up a mix of gorgeous design, insightful marketing and the best use of website technology. Let’s hope the client agrees.

Week four: What’s new?

Turns out that hiring me isn’t the only new thing going on here at KIJO.

On Thursday of week four a drone hovers next to my right ear. Attached to it is a camera – shooting videos of the team who are working hard on digital projects (and trying to zone out the loud whirring). This exercise is part of two exciting new ventures for KIJO. One is the revamped website where the shots will provide a fly-on-the-wall look at KIJO’s ‘Kulture’.

Drone videography is also a service that KIJO has recently added to its offering – and it’s really taking off. Pun intended. I’ve seen the results of a drone shoot we’ve done for Hogarth’s Hotels and it does feel like you’re there, walking through the grounds.

Also on the agenda for this week is the highly anticipated result of the Koncept Kup – a friendly (ever-so-slightly competitive) in-house contest to come up with the next big digital idea for KIJO’s partners. Neon post-it notes with enthusiastically scribbled thoughts have gradually appeared on the office’s back wall over the last few weeks. Tomorrow one of them will be chosen as the winning idea. It could revolutionise the way we, or our partners, do business. Exciting stuff.

So what can I surmise from a month at the nucleus of digital design agency, KIJO Creative?

We’re not a serious bunch – but we do take digital marketing seriously. We’ve all got our niches that we’re nit-picky about – be it design, writing, coding or SEO – but we’re happy to share the knowledge. There’s a future-embracing attitude in this place that’s refreshing. Granted, it’s taken me a little while to get to grips with email-free internal messaging systems – but the creative energy is something I’m totally on board with.

Just one thing. A fruit bowl is for fruit – the Haribo’s got to go. Sorry guys.

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