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Want to bring your hotel marketing to life? Be our guest.

Kirk Thompson


Author Image: Kirk Thompson
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Want to bring your hotel marketing to life? Be our guest.

When it comes to hotels, it’s all about the experience – from the friendly welcome to the cosy room or the mouth-watering restaurant menu. In marketing your hotel the key is to bring all of these elements of the experience to life so that potential visitors can’t wait to stay with you.

A crucial tool in enticing people to choose your hotel is photography. You’ve heard the old adage ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ and if your imagery is luxurious, aspirational and conveys the experience you offer, that’s a great start.

But in today’s crowded online marketplace, you need to do more if you want to stand out. Digital Design agency KIJO Creative have helped clients in the hotel sector to get a step ahead of their competitors using creative, moving imagery that provides a truly immersive experience for website visitors.

Using cinemagraphs to grab – and hold – attention

A photograph of two champagne glasses in a sumptuous lounge may grab your attention. But what if the bubbles in the champagne glasses were tantalisingly floating to the top of the glass, the golden liquid subtly glinting in the soft firelight? Now you can taste the drink on your tongue and you’re imagining yourself there.

This is the power of cinemagraphs – a type of ‘living photo’ in which the majority of the image is a still picture, with one section moving on a loop.

In fact, it’s been proven that using cinemagraphs in social media and advertising campaigns can significantly increase engagement. In a study by Microsoft, engagement on twitter increased by 110% when using cinemagraphs in comparison with 1.96% for still images. On Facebook engagement increased by 85% compared with still images at 0.83%. Impressive stuff.

Take a look at some of the cinemagraphs KIJO have created for hotels.


Taking imagery to new heights with drone videography

Another way to add stand-out imagery to your hotel website and give the visitor a truly immersive experience is through drone videography.

Because of the agility of the drone itself, there are a huge variety of perspectives that are possible. This means you can put the viewer directly into the scenario. Filming at head height gives the feeling of walking across a wooden bridge in a secluded area of the hotel grounds or allows a bride-to-be to visualise walking up the aisle on her big day. Manoeuvring the drone up, away from the property can provide stunning aerial shots of the hotel that you couldn’t achieve any other way.

Hotel Drone

In the past, aerial photography was out of reach for most businesses. Now drone videography is changing all that. The process is easy, doesn’t intrude on your day-to-day operations and can generate some great PR for you in your local area. And it’s lots of fun too!

Take a look at the results of KIJO’s drone shoot for Hogarth’s Hotels.

Hogarths Solihull – 

Hogarths Stone Manor – 


Add extra sparkle to your festive campaigns with moving images

With the festive season around the corner, hotels are busy generating bookings for events, meals and Christmas breaks. Incorporating cinemagraphs or drone videography into your campaigns this year is a great way to dazzle your customers and stand out in a competitive market.

Twinkling lights, glowing fires, rich dining and falling snowflakes – Christmas is an experience that delights the senses. So now is the perfect time to introduce imagery into your campaigns that will tap into those senses and entice visitors to your hotel.

Are you planning an email promoting an event or offer, or a social media campaign in the run up to the holiday season?

Speak to KIJO to find out how we can give your digital campaigns a touch of extra magic this Christmas.

Case study: Creating a beautiful, effective website for Hogarth’s hotels

When Hogarth’s approached KIJO last year they asked for a more aspirational website – one that would reflect the opulent experience they offer and have future guests dreaming about their upcoming stay.

Knowing that inspiring photography was a must – KIJO decided to use cinemagraphs to give the new website the wow factor. Hogarth’s had so much potential for visual representation, from afternoon tea and flambéing in the kitchen to overflowing baths in the stunning hotel rooms. Using cinemagraphs was the perfect way to bring these elements to life through the website.

Over two days KIJO shot 22 scenes across Hogarth’s Solihull and Stone Manor hotels, selecting the best to create evocative imagery that would entice future guests. The finished results can now be seen on Hogarth’s website.

Having successfully launched the new website, KIJO quite literally went above and beyond by shooting a drone video of the Solihull hotel and grounds, which could be used on the website and in social media to give potential visitors a truly immersive experience of Hogarth’s.

As well as filling the new website with gorgeous imagery, KIJO also made the new site responsive, improved the functionality of the booking process and made it easy to navigate between different websites for the group’s two hotels.

Drone Hogarths

Hotel Cinemagraphs

The results

Since working with KIJO, Hogarth’s have seen their website traffic increase by 25% year on year.

The drone footage has had a big impact on web traffic and visitor engagement. The video was viewed 4.2k times on Facebook – making it the most popular post of the year and a massive 400% more views than Hogarth’s average posts. In the month it was posted there was an increase of 30% in the traffic that came to the website via Facebook.

Hogarth’s were bowled over with the results of the website overhaul and the new imagery.

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