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How to change Campaign Objective of Facebook Ads


Author Image: KIJO Team
how do i change a Facebook campaign objective
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Updated: 4th February 2019 to reflect the changes to the Facebook Ads UI and the removal of the power editor. 

Have you just created an amazing new Facebook campaign and now you can’t change the campaign objective?

We feel your pain!

In this article we will show you a simple way to change the campaign objective in 2 minutes or less. 

New Campaign Objective

The easiest and quickest way to change objective is to duplicate your adverts and advert sets into a new campaign that is using your desired objective.

Follow the following steps to duplicate your adverts and advert sets into a new campaign:

  1. First of all navigate to Ads Manager and go the campaigns tab
  2. Next hover over the campaign you want to change the objective for. When you hover over the name of the campaign you should see an option to duplicate 
  3. Facebook Duplicate Campaign
    Duplicate Campaign

  4. You should then see a popup asking how many duplicates you want. This is a good time to create a few if you are unsure what objective you want and you can delete them before going live
  5. In our case we only want one so we enter 1 and click duplicate
  6. Facebook Ads - Duplicate Total

  7. The edit campaign screen will open up. You should see all your Ad sets and Ads on the left hand side. Under campaign details you can now choose a different campaign objective
  8. Facebook change campaign objective

  9. When your ready you can publish this campaign with your new campaign objective and pause the old campaign.

It’s that simple! You have successfully copied all your adverts and advert sets to a new campaign with a new campaign objective.

Do you need help with your Facebook ads?

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