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Instagram - 3500 Followers Later...

Mark Simmonds

Digital Marketing Executive

Author Image: Mark Simmonds
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Instagram – 1,000 Followers Later…now 3,500 just 12 months on – updated for 2017

So in July 2016 we published this article after hitting 1000 followers on Instagram, well just a year on that number has increased rapidly month on month with us now standing at an impressive 3,500 followers!! We love showcasing our work on Instagram and really enjoy the engagement our posts get from our followers.  When we hit 4,000 followers we plan on running a free giveaway just like the one below we ran just 12 months ago except even bigger! If you are not following us already then please head over to our Instagram page and help us get closer to the 4000 followers mark:


Also keep a look out for our article coming soon to the KIJO blog with tips and hints for increasing your Instagram following.

Instagram KIJO

The July 2016 Article:

Sound the trumpets, it’s finally happening! What, no trumpets? Fine we’ll just toot our own horn, and reveal that our social media following has expanded rapidly since we made our initial forays onto Instagram last November. Our Insta accounts have hit 1,000 followers +, and we’re celebrating with two exciting giveaways.

Read on to see why we’re so excited about this milestone, and what the competitions entail.

KIJO Instagram Birmingham Solihull

Creative agency in Birmingham

Since we’re looking back fondly on the KIJO journey so far, let us remind you why we’re amassing interest so rapidly. As a multi-faceted creative agency in Birmingham, we have strong links to local businesses, and are exceedingly proud of where we’ve come from.

No job is too big or too small for us we revel in the challenge of crafting bold new features for websites, refining branding down to its best elements, and giving users a pleasurable experience when they engage with your business online.

We work closely with our clients, deciding the savviest course of action to build an online identity; we’re never short of ideas to snare a generation that’s plugged in and clued up about ploys to grab their attention. From SEO to app design, the digital age has opened up so many avenues for getting your name heard, and we’re keen to make yours the loudest.

KIJO Instagram Birmingham Solihull

KIJO in the spotlight

However, we know that in the creative world, you’re only as good as your last project. So we put our money where our mouth is by setting up twin Instagram profiles. Both were created to showcase the many faces of KIJO’s doings in the digital marketing field.

The first account, KIJOCREATIVE, showcases our team at work, from our latest websites and designs to sneaky pics from behind the scenes. The second, LOGOSBYKIJO, does what it says on the tin: it’s a catalogue of our favourite logo designs, giving everyone a taste of our graphic prowess. We’re happy to say they’re both over the 1,000 followers mark, hence our giddy announcement!

KIJO Instagram Birmingham Solihull

Your chance to win – Competition Now Closed

To celebrate this fabulous news, we’re giving two lucky people the chance to win, respectively, £100 worth of shopping vouchers and a FREE logo design. The visual sucker punch of a great logo is what made us tackle Instagram in the first place; we’re passionate about applying creativity to every aspect of our work, so we hope you’re as excited about this competition as we are.

If you haven’t followed our Instagram accounts yet, we suggest you check them out now, to see our team in action and find out how to enter each of our fantastic giveaways. Want to learn more about what we do? Browse our expertise to see why KIJO is fast gaining popularity in the Midlands and beyond!

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