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The KIJO Branding Experience: Innovate Psychology

Mike O'Raw


Author Image: Mike O'Raw
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The KIJO Branding Experience: Innovate Psychology

Great business is not just about the fleeting moment, the single sign-off, or treating your contacts like disposable putty. No relationships are the name of the game, and it’s beneficial for both us and anyone we work with to have a strategy when approaching branding and marketing material.

KIJO is very proud of the time we spend on discussing, reviewing and creating the identity of our clients’ brands. To illustrate our approach, we thought it’d be useful to present our branding in action with Innovate Psychology, one of our newest clients. Read on for a play-by-play account of what they wanted, and how we helped them:

The Brief

Everyone knows that mental health is a serious and growing issue, so it was great to encounter Innovate Psychology, a support service that believes the counter measure must be widely available. As an industry disrupter, the client was keen to undercut stuffy, conservative impressions of mental health treatment, laying psychology bare to the public and asking them to seek the right help.

Our discussions revealed that Innovate Psychology was looking for crisp, clean branding, citing Apple and our own site for their desired look. The project, we were told, should appeal to just about anybody, reflecting the widespread nature of the subject. The colour red was outlawed, as the client wanted to steer away from traditional medical associations; a mix of font styles was also brought up, symbolising the clash of thought and emotion the brand would tackle head-on.

So, with an accessible and approachable mental health service in mind, KIJO came up with several logos to pick from:

Logo Design One

Going all-in with a handful of fiery colour choices, the first logo was bright, sparky and confident about psychology’s place in the mainstream. The rounded design was born out of various discussions on the nature of mental therapy – “What is it really?” we asked ourselves.

The answer was quite simple: talking and really listening to people. Hence, our initial logo was a combo of a speech bubble and the profile of someone’s head, melding the profession’s core elements together.

Half of the typography was in the curved Arciform font, whilst the other half (in Vegur Light) carried a thinner, wispier appeal. A great thing about this blueprint was the variety it could adopt, with the ‘head-bubble’ icon above, below or to the side of the text.

Logo Design Two 

For our second presentation, we decided to go the opposite way, reaching a gentle, zen-like image that deserved an uncluttered space at its borders. After staring at the client’s name for a while, we noticed that the ‘i’ and ‘n’ in ‘innovate’, when combined, had the appearance of someone sitting down. What a striking feature – visualising the idyllic mood of quiet and acceptance. We might be onto something here…

It was obvious that bold colour tones weren’t going to cut it; far better would be a run of relaxing greens and blues, the latter of which (sky blue in particular) our client was extremely fond of.

So that’s what we employed, as well as loosening up the draft logo until the rigidity of the letters was softened. This subtle aesthetic also came across in the use of Mosk typeface, which we customised to make everything slightly casual, yet playful enough to grab a reader from afar.

Logo Design Three

Last up was our ‘Smile’ branding, imitating the contagious effect of laughter when problems are threatening to get us into a tail-spin. Arciform proved itself yet again for the company name, making the most of its smooth contours.

Realising that younger patients would respond well to a happy face, KIJO differentiated the icon design, creating a split between adults and kids. Child-tailored services would, in theory, use the puffy-cheeked grin, whereas older people in their care would see a tighter smile that still rested under the two ‘n’s for eyes.

The text’s colour was either dark blue for a white background, or the reverse option. We managed to suggest several spins on the theme, such as forming a whole face with the double ‘n’ intact, but advised that these should only be deployed sparingly. Too much variation would damage the impact of what we initially realised.

Putting it to a vote…

Feeling we had a solid store of ideas, we handed these three over to Innovate Psychology, who made their own careful decisions. At the same time, we also ran a poll on Instagram and LinkedIn.

The poll received 173 likes and 40 comments, with an overwhelming majority voting for the third logo we’ve outlined above. And yet, the final decision wasn’t in the public’s hands…

Can you guess what Innovate Psychology went for?

And the winner is…

Spot on if you suspected number two, the reclining logo, as the main contender for the crown. Innovate Psychology loved the pastel hues of the branding scheme just as much as the compounded letter image.

There was serious potential for the icon to take on a life of its own, without any supporting text, once the brand was up and running at full capacity. Added to this was the universal experience the logo carried with it: who hasn’t felt like switching off, finding an empty patch of grass, and chilling out in the haze of a clear mind?

To capture this sentiment, we decided to create a fun animation about the winning logo…

There was serious potential for the icon to take on a life of its own, without any supporting text, once the brand was up and running at full capacity. Added to this was the universal experience the logo carried with it: who hasn’t felt like switching off, finding an empty patch of grass, and chilling out in the haze of a clear mind?

“What a clever and creative team! I love them all”

Jill Mack – Innovate Psychology


By the time we were finished, Innovate Psychology was in a fine place to apply its new branding across every web, print and marketing platform it could muster. KIJO doesn’t just focus on the immediate goals; no, our outlook reaches far into the future of your organisation, which is why we prepare a full brand guideline for every design we formulate. This takes in formatting ideas, spatial awareness, modified colour palettes and how the relevant logo icon can be switched around.

Want to embark on your own brand journey? Contact the KIJO team or call 0121 663 0523 for a chat about your company and its requirements, before we get down to the business of your future-proof identity.

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