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A very KIJO Christmas


Author Image: KIJO Team
calendar and tin
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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at KIJO HQ. We thought we’d share a bit of the KIJO festive spirit and give you a peek into what Christmas means to us. And for a bit of fun, we’ve hidden 10 Christmas song references throughout this blog – see if you can spot them all!

KIJO’s director takes the biscuit

biscuit tin

Jordan loves biscuits. It’s become a bit of a thing here at KIJO. So when it came to choosing this year’s client gifts there was only one option. Yes, this Christmas it’s all about the KIJO Christmas biscuit tin!

Of course we didn’t want to send out just any biscuit tin. Not when we have the very talented designer Mike in the studio!  We tasked him with coming up with a design for a KIJO branded tin. The finished design features a white Christmas tree made up of a clever combination of digital marketing icons, set against KIJO’s festive red.

It would be a shame to see all that design talent thrown out with the Christmas wrapping and empty champagne bottles. So we asked the team to think of ways the tins could be used throughout the year – after the contents have been polished off! Suggestions included a swear jar, a samba drum and a plant pot.

calendar and biscuit tin

Using the ideas, we created a KIJO calendar to accompany the tins. After the twelve days of Christmas are over, there are twelve months of handy ways to repurpose your tin! Calendars are a useful way to help your customer remember your brand as the months go by. Why not ask us to design one for your business?

Not all the suggestions made the final cut. Using the tin to hear the ocean, as gloves when it’s cold outside, or repurposing it as a hamster bed were deemed too silly – even for us!

We may be serious about digital marketing – but we’re not always a serious bunch! Hopefully the calendar shows a bit of KIJO’s sense of humour.

Holidays are coming

In just a few days the KIJO team will be driving home for Christmas  – we caught up with our colleagues to find out what they’ll be up to on the day itself and what makes Christmas the most wonderful time of the year.

christmas party

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Mike: Watching Miracle on 34th Street every year without fail.

Helena: I’m a ballet fanatic so for me the festive season is not complete without a trip to see the Nutcracker.

Kirk: Huge party on the night.

Mark: I go to the local social club to play snooker and darts with family. We also play monopoly – and I always win!

What do you love most about Christmas?

Kirk: Buying presents.

Daveyon: Having all the family over for a massive dinner feast!

Mike: Being able to go and see family – I don’t often get to do that now.

Helena: The anticipation. I love all the lights, decorations, music, food and buying presents.

Mark: Buying gifts for other people (clichéd but true!)

What was your best Christmas present?

Daveyon: My first bicycle.

Mike: The year I got a Nintendo 64. I still get Nintendo consoles to this day.

Mark: 100% Gameboy!

Helena: Tough call between iPod or iPad!

Kirk: Wine gums and calendars.

Jordan: Computer or a dog. Can’t decide.

What was the worst?

Mike: Any time I get Lynx body spray. I’m not 12.

Daveyon: Not getting anything.

Mark: Money, it’s the easy way out.

Helena: Last year I was given slippers in a child size small.

christmas tree

Epic Christmas fails?

Kirk: Going out for Christmas dinner and the restaurant running out of food and offering us tuna sandwiches.

Mike: Last year I got a coffee machine, pulled it out of the box and immediately dropped part of it. It fell and smashed and I had to order a replacement part within five minutes of getting it.

Helena: The first year my boyfriend spent Christmas with my family I bought him a remote control helicopter. Unfortunately he flew it into the Christmas tree, sending my mum’s prized glass baubles shattering to the floor. Oops. (The next year he bought her some replacements and has since been allowed back!)

christmas food

What’s your favourite Christmas food?

Helena: Christmas cake. I make mine really early and load it with brandy before the big day. If you come round for a slice, don’t drive home.

Mike: When I was younger my mum had a friend who was vegetarian – mum used to make her a cheese and broccoli pie and I used to like that a lot more than actual Christmas dinner. Maybe it was just because it wasn’t supposed to be for me though.

Mark: Mince pies

Kirk: Turkey sandwiches

Jordan: Turkey sandwich, made with a secret family recipe. And biscuits, obviously.

All that’s left to say is have yourself a merry little Christmas and we look forward to working with you in 2018!

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Have yourself a merry little Christmas


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