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KIJO at the Emirates for Drum Design Awards Night

Jordan Thompson

Creative Director

Author Image: Jordan Thompson
Drum Design Awards 2017
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KIJOs progress in the last 2 years has seen us help innovate and reinforce existing brands whilst helping aspiring ones develop massively alongside ourselves. This year, in 2017, we were stoked to be nominated for an award for the project we completed for award-winning, natural flooring company Crucial Trading (click to see our work). We went along to Arsenal’s very own Emirates stadium for a fabulously well laid on black-tie event, courtesy of the Drum Design Awards. With representatives from many of the world’s leading brands and agencies attending, not only was it an honour, but a thrill to experience.

About The Drum: The Drum is a famous global media platform, operating internationally to provide the best news on media, marketing and many other creative industries. The Drum believes that marketing is a transformative tool which can shape industries globally in this technological age. We agree that you have to embrace the progress we’ve made in digital and traditional marketing, adapting alongside new challenges, new avenues for creative design and the difficulties presented by globalisation and today’s huge, inter-continental brands.

About the Drum Design Awards: The Drum Design Awards exclusively recognise great design being produced by agencies across the UK and around the globe and give you an opportunity to see your best design work rewarded.

Drum Design Awards

Emirates Stadium

The Night Itself

The venue was fantastic, and really was a truly fitting venue for the Drum Design Awards, some of the most prestigious awards for designers today. The directors of KIJO, Kirk and Jordan, Jordan’s girlfriend Sara and KIJO’s accounts advisor attended, accompanied at their table by 5 extremely friendly women who were representing none other than Landor of London. It was an absolute delight to be seated with them and they were a tremendous credit to their fantastic company.

The calibre of some of the design projects at the event was incredible, there was some stunning work for many clients including Nike, Selfridges and The London Symphony Orchestra to mention but a few, much inspiration was drawn at the talent on display.

Our Entry for the Web Design Category

Our entry was in the web design category for our work for Crucial Trading, a bespoke, award-winning natural material floorcoverings specialist. We were incredibly proud to be working with Crucial Trading in creating a highly customised, unique and responsive website where users can access a bespoke, 3D rug design tool to create brilliant organic flooring. The pastel tones incorporate with great photography to build a website which has the same natural, functional and beautiful essence as the company itself.

If you haven’t already seen the work we was nominated for it can be seen in further detail on our recent Behance post-

About Crucial Trading: Crucial Trading is a bespoke, luxury carpet & rug manufacturer which uses a fine array of natural materials to construct amazingly tactile carpets & rugs that appeal to all the senses. To help portray their artistic, creative brand and identity, they needed a website design to match. To try and incite the sense of touch through the website, KIJO’s design puts the focus on simplicity and elegance, with innovative functional twists including a custom rug builder and detailed lists of the various, distinctly unique materials. The brand and design synchrony is strong, which is an enormous credit to Crucial Trading, it’s what you need for a modern manufacturer who is a true innovator in their field, and the design was duly noticed by the Drum Design Awards.

We were up against some true heavyweights and though we didn’t manage first prize, there was nothing lost and a great experience was certainly gained!

All in all it was a fantastic night and there was much to gain for us and for the company, which has progressed in leaps and bounds from its formation in 2014. Going up against brands such as Glen Fiddick, International Olympic Committee, Carlsberg, Uber, Price Water Cooper House and the Financial Times has just spurred us on to exceed our client’s expectations this year, and next year, we hope we can attend the Drum Design Awards once more with an enhanced and expanded portfolio under our belt.

This year, though, we were immensely proud to attend and if the prize was for the best dance floor moves, achieving 1st place would have been a different matter…!

If you have a design project on the horizon and wish to work with a forward thinking enthusiastic team then please call us on 0121 663 0523 or email, thanks for reading!

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