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KIJO News 23/03/20

Kirk Thompson


Author Image: Kirk Thompson
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Everything you need for a successful remote working week.

Speak Clearly

While remote working, it’s more important than ever to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients. By being understood, we feel part of a team and are more motivated and productive.

– Be Direct and don’t waste words.

– Manage Expectations about workload.

– Embrace phone calls.

– Emails slow everyone down and often get skim-read.

– Listen: make sure you understand and are understood.

– Ask questions.

We’re now using KIJO Chat, our new app for internal video conferencing. Body language and facial cues mean video calls help us make sure we are all on the same page.

It’s Normal Not To Feel Normal

In periods of rapid change and uncertainty, it’s natural to feel anxious or overwhelmed. Our lives have changed enormously and, though it is temporary, the adjustment is difficult for everyone.

It’s important to identify negative emotions and their causes so that we can work through them. You might feel worried about elderly parents, or lonely being at home. By first accepting your feelings and knowing that they are valid, you can take steps to ground yourself and move forward to positivity.

If you are struggling or think you might be depressed, contact your GP for advice.

Protest Poetry Jazz

Free jazz quintet, Irreversible Entanglements released their third album this week, combining protest poetry and jazz progressions that sear the soul. Who Sent You? is as beautiful and rage-filled as a tropical storm, bringing avant-guarde futurist music into intense confrontation with American racism and the political establishment.

This album is beautifully put together with spoken poetry over progressions which build in intensity and energy, carrying you into your flow-state and away from the single track news cycle.

Marketing adapts to a global crisis

The challenges triggered by the rapid spread of COVID-19 are changing the way people shop, and the way companies communicate.

Already, campaigns are focusing on home delivery services and online access, such as apps and resources.

It is important for brands to ask what messaging is appropriate during the outbreak, and what immediate needs your product is meeting.

Informed by consumer data, the answers to these questions will direct short term marketing, but be sure to protect long-term brand building campaigns to keep your base returning after the outbreak has passed.

Build The Future

In these uncertain times, global markets are changing rapidly and companies are right to prioritise safeguarding their long term stability. We at KIJO are working from home, doing our bit to slow the outbreak while maintaining our efforts to produce quality websites, brand assets and digital marketing for our clients.

At KIJO, we believe that the future is there to be built, and that rapid change leads to even faster innovation. We are using this time to reflect on how global systems have contributed to current events and consider digital solutions for a more resilient society. If you think KIJO’s digital and creative services could help your company move forward, contact us today.

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