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KIJO Weekly News - 07/11/19

Kirk Thompson


Author Image: Kirk Thompson
Business Development
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Monday started off with bang! John was back from annual leave and straight back into liaising with prospective customers & catching up with existing clients. Megan and Kirk got brainstorming for the up and coming daily KIJO vlog. The Goat Agency inspire us hugely here at KIJO and have a great authentic approach to videography. Watch this space for the KIJO-Daily vlog.  

Business Development


If you follow us on Instagram you’ll have seen we got the chance to grab Magda before her Kick Off meeting with HBO one of our new clients. We discussed the internal Kick Off meeting agenda and spoke to her about the processes that are involved. We then jumped in a storyboard meeting with the owners of KIJO – Kirk and Jordan. Where they were storyboarding new ideas for an up and coming project. 



Megan got creative with the new Noti assets making sure to keep them on brand. Yesterday John met with Thorne International to discuss all things growth! With the site close to completion a detailed plan was presented to outperform their competitors on organic search. 

I Mac photoshop


We started our day off chatting with Liam, one of our designers here at KIJO. We discussed the list of functionality tests that need to be carried out for the ClickGP web app. The rest of our day consisted of the design team discussing the Thorne International Invision board. 

graphic designer
Invision board


Kirk headed down to London today to meet a new client at our London based office at We Work Shoreditch. He then nipped over to Kings Road in Chelsea for another meeting with a potential client. Ending his day at the Mad Hatters Tea Party in Notting Hill – exciting stuff!

Fulham Road
London flowers

See you at the same time next week!

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