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Our Local SEO Campaign Increased enquiries by 1400%


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When I receive a new local SEO client I am not only passionate about getting them on the first page of Google, but I am also confident in doing so. Over the last 12 months I have been able to work with local companies from a wide range of industries and rank them for their targeted keywords in a matter of 3 months or sometimes even less. Maintaining an effective plan & strategy has been at the heart of this success. Do you want to dominate your local search within your industry? Get in touch today 

Don’t just take my word for it. Read the case studies provided below to discover how I managed to increase a local cleaning companies enquiries by 1400%

The Problem

My Green Clean are a domestic and commercial cleaning company based in Coleshill currently operating in local areas to Coleshill and Solihull. As a new company their aim was to significantly boost local enquiries and in turn branch out to Birmingham and beyond. With their goal of 100% customer satisfaction and OCD approach to cleaning it was our job to make this happen and therefore put My Green Clean on the local cleaning spectrum.

Our Approach

Before we could advance with our local optimisation efforts, it was essential for us to make sure all elements of the website were fully optimised for SEO (on site SEO). Factors such as meta titles, meta descriptions and general completion of the website were at the forefront of the job in hand. This is an important part of the campaign as it is the fundamentals of SEO which can set your website up to be successfully. If done correctly of course.

best local seo company in coleshill

Creating Targeted Landing Pages

Now that I had a website which was fully functional and optimised for Search Engine Optimisation, I had to decide on how I could achieve the main goal of the campaign, which was to significantly increase local enquiries. The route I opted for was to introduce micro area landing pages, a technique I have used successfully in previous local SEO campaigns. These pages were introduced to target specific local keywords. When deciding on the areas to target I asked the client for a radius they wished to operate in, for My Green Clean this radius was 10 miles from Coleshill.

local search engine landing page

The next part of the process was to decide the keywords to target. For this task I employed our proven keyword research techniques that have been collated over many successful local campaigns. With a group of targeted keywords in hand I set out creating bespoke landing pages which would successfully rank on Google. In order to optimise on-page conversions, the content I produced were both bespoke & unique to the page.

I knew that once I had produced these landing pages it was then a case of monitoring the rankings to see which keywords were performing the best and thus which keywords / landing pages needed to be worked on.

Maintaining Our Keyword Ranking Success

creating content with local seo tools

In order to maintain our local SERP rankings, a flagship piece of content was required. By utilizing  previously proven outreach efforts I was able to secure multiple high quality and relatable backlinks. The flagship piece I opted for was a bathroom cleaning checklist. It was key this piece was over 1200 words as it was my  aim to create a detailed piece of content – which was more detailed than any other similar article ranking on Google.

The Results

We have been running the SEO campaign for approximately 6 months now and I & the client have seen some “outstanding results”. From organic traffic & keyword rankings all the way to local enquiries.

1 Month Into the local SEO campaign…

After only 1 month of waiting we already started to see a large majority of My Green Cleans targeted keywords rank on Google’s search pages. I was aware getting these keywords to the first page of Google would take time – however within 1 month 35 / 45 of their keywords were ranking on Google.

best local seo with trusted results

For example, when I initially started work on the campaign the keyword ‘end of tenancy cleaning Shirley’ ranked in 38th position.

local seo marketing case study

3 Months Into the local SEO campaign…

After three months of working with My Green Clean on their Local SEO campaign I was very happy that ALL of My Green Cleans now ranked on Google (45/45). Furthemore 31 out of 36 tracked keywords featured on the first page of Google – some keywords even ranking in the top 3 SERP positions. 

increase organic traffic with local seo firm

I also began to see noticeable increases in organic traffic, within three months My Green Cleans UK organic traffic more than tripled. Increasing from 13 organic visitors to 48.  For such a small campaign budget, the results I was seeing were very satisfying – proof that My Greens Cleans bespoke strategy was successfully being implemented. 

6 Months Into the local SEO campaign

6 months in and I am very pleased with the amount of positives we have seen come from this campaign. 37/45 keywords now rank on the first page with 19 of these ranking in the top three SERP positions. In addition to this organic traffic has increased to well over 100 organic visitors a month which.

dominate google with local search seo

“Cleaning services Marston Green” has climbed 20 spaces spaces over the past 3-6 months to rightfully claim the number 1 spot. Not only this but it has successfully dominated this search term for a long period of time which is a huge positive for KIJO and the client.

Whats next for My Green Clean

With our efforts driving well over 30 qualified leads each month our plan is to keep on growing! It is now my primary focus to expand and increase the number of local areas we target. We look forward to the potential of this campaign as the aim of dominating Birmingham is only a few months away.

Do you wish to locally dominate Google with your website? Call us on 0121 726 1250

To prove we didn’t just get “lucky” with this specific local SEO campaign, here is another case study on how I managed to rank 38 of 47 targeted keywords in the top three SERP positions for a local gravestone manufacturer. Yes Top 3.

The Problem

H.L Marks are a local gravestone & headstone manufacturer who operate in Birmingham. Despite being a well established manufacturer within Birmingham, H.L Marks felt their potential was not being hit due to their lack of online presence. For this reason, the aim of the campaign was to essentially increase search visibility of the current website through improved rankings positions. With the overall aim of increasing the amount of enquires and sales into the business through the website.

Our Approach

In order to increase the amount of sales & enquiries via the website, we immediately decided on local marketing and optimisation. Due to proven success with other Local SEO clients, we felt this was the correct strategy to help improve H.L Marks’ online visibility.  

local seo experts in solihull

When choosing the areas we were going to target, I decided to opt for local areas situated near a graveyard in Birmingham. The content for the landing pages was key throughout the campaign as it was important we produced targeted, bespoke & unique copy in order to increase page conversions. The desired conversion for H L Marks was via a website contact form.

local search engine landing page

In order to maintain Bannocks online visibility, it was important we spent time on producing a flagship piece of content. By producing a piece which was content worthy and useful to several outreach targets, we could use our effective outreach efforts in order to gain valuable and relatable backlinks.

The Results

I have been running this campaign for 6 months now and the results I have seen have been very impressive. In fact its the most keywords I have seen reach the number 1 position in such a short space of time.

Before we started the campaign…

With no dedicated landing pages to their targeted keywords Bannocks found themselves ranking on the 2nd / 3rd page of Google. From the screenshot below at the start of the campaign “cemetery headstones Birmingham” ranked in 12th position with no real consistency for the first 2 months.

rank on google with local seo services

In addition, at the start of campaign we were seeing some organic traffic however this was mainly down to organic search terms which Bannocks already ranked for. In the first month of the campaign Bannocks only received 19 users from organic traffic. “It was our priority to provide a significant increase to their organic traffic levels during the course of the campaign.”


6 Months into the campaign

As mentioned previously we have been very impressed with the progression of Bannocks. Darren from Bannocks said “I am very happy with the SEO campaign & look forward to more continued success with the KIJO team” . Since August our efforts have seen 37 targeted keywords rank for the #1 search result on Google search pages.

improve your rankings with local seo agency

Organic Traffic has increased by 450%

One of the biggest positives this campaign has produced has been the increase in organic traffic. In only 6 months our hard work has seen an 450% increase in organic traffic. 120+ visitors visit the site on a monthly basis from purely SEO. This equate to 67% of the websites total traffic. This is great news for Bannocks as the more people we can direct to the website from organic traffic the more enquiries they will see.

increase organic traffic with local search company

Whats next for Bannocks

With our efforts increasing organic traffic by well over 120 people a month, Bannocks have decided to pass on another website for myself and the team to work on. Our focus will be to now ensure both sites are ranking as highest as they possibly can.

Drive Local traffic to your website

We live in a digital world. So if you’re serious about growing your business you need make sure you’re seen online. At KIJO we are passionate about utilising our experience and knowledge in order to guide local companies to the number one spot on Google. So if you want to dominate Google and see a significant boost in local enquiries?  Get in touch with the KIJO team.

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