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Logo Design Coleshill

Mike O'Raw


Author Image: Mike O'Raw
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Logo Design Coleshill

When we think of the biggest brands in the world, we think of their logo. There’s no reason why businesses in Coleshill shouldn’t have the same, distinctive impact, stamping themselves on the mind’s eye.  KIJO approach logo design Coleshill with an aim to make you the defining brand in your local sector. We respect the power and prolific energy of a concept that hits the mark, encapsulating your venture at no more than a glance.

In partnership with our creative team, you’ll discover how far a great logo can move beyond the idea that started it all. We’re here to support, shape and extend your visual branding with a concept you can be proud of.

The centrality of your logo

It almost goes without saying, but a logo is the first (and often abiding) statement you’ll make on the consumer, client or stakeholder. It’ll seal your website, emails, social accounts and business cards in a summative symbol. Wherever someone finds you, they’ll look to your logo, and consider it worthy of memory.

So, across the board, your logo has to be easy to recognise. Moreover, it should be beautiful, asking your customers to admire it and strengthen their impression of your brand. In a second, people should have some notion of what you do, as the image must stand for the barest elements of how you’ll make their life better.

With KIJO at your side, we can meet all of these expectations. We not only reflect the character of your business through colour, typography and graphic framing or backdrops, but also how the face of your venture can change depending on the medium it’s applied to.

We never tire of forming a logo for the ages. Local businesses, in our view, should strive to be as idiosyncratic as they can. After all, if your reputation grows, so does your ability to reach other areas of the UK… and even beyond.

Logo design in Coleshill – our clients

Countless organisations have come to us over the years seeking a new or re-worked logo. Many of these hail from Coleshill, so we’d like to share some of our brightest projects with you:

Innovate Psychology

Innovate Psychology sought to demonstrate a relaxed, accessible mental health service for children and adults. The colours, we were told, had to be non-confrontational (i.e. no reds), whilst the logo at large should relate to the brand’s ‘against the grain’ message.

KIJO drew up three logo concepts, one of which had subtle changes when directed to a younger or mature audience. The winner, though, is characterised by a human figure spread over the ‘n’ and ‘i’, and a tranquil blue colour tone. Mosk typeface lends a curved, casual feel to the text, which we thought both demographics would respond to.

The Tattoo Book

Nothing quite gets people excited, artistically, as a tattoo rounded off with care and precision. We wanted to harness that appeal in our work for The Tattoo Book – their branding was in need of a lynchpin, getting this comparison-based startup on as many radars as possible.

We opted for a straight-edged block of text for the majority of the brand name, laid over columns to imply close detail. Yet the two middle ‘t’s of ‘tattoo’ became the logo’s take-away feature: we transformed them into a pair of thumbs and needles, with small components within.

Logo Design Coleshill Tattoo Book

PCP Heating

What do we want from a central heating service? During our conversations with PCP Heating, it was quite obvious – comfort, security, and a guarantee that installations will be tailored to our home.

Our logo design took these associations and melded them into one. We started with a flame, dressed in two vivid shades of orange. Then we wanted a circular graphic around it to portray a safe, fully-rounded provision… In the end, we came up with a split design, fusing a gas pipe and roof into an ovular metaphor. The impression is clear: great service supports a solid property, which will never let you down.

Logo Design Coleshill PCP Heating

Reveal PI

KIJO has relished working with Reveal PI, a team of private investigators working with clients across the UK. As their core aims are discretion, necessity and acting as the means of last resort, we had to create a logo that was mysterious, yet left no-one in any doubt about what the brand can do.



Logo Design Coleshill Reveal Private Investigations



By now, you’ve gotten a taste of logo design Coleshill with KIJO in the driver’s seat. You, however, can be our next passenger; isn’t it time you made us aware of your ambitions?

Call KIJO Creative on 0121 663 0523 for a free consultation. Your new logo legacy is waiting to be discovered…

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