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PPC Coleshill

Kirk Thompson


Author Image: Kirk Thompson
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PPC Coleshill

Having a killer brand, and the content to back it up, isn’t the be-all, end-all of your digital marketing [LINK]. We’ve spent enough time with local businesses to really see the value of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising. It’s a swift, reliable path to a higher conversion rate, and the main leap forward for a venture with a lot to prove…

At KIJO Creative, we don’t want any Midlands organisation to get caught up in their online marketing strategy. PPC in Coleshill shouldn’t confuse you – more than that, it might form the crux of your campaign, especially before organic SEO techniques take the baton.

Ever considered PPC yourself? Partner with us, and you’ll soon make use of the fast, tangible traits of Pay-Per-Click ads to supercharge your reputation!

The benefits of PPC for a growing brand

There is, of course, a boatload of merit for ‘traditional’ digital marketing i.e. blogs, social media posts, and optimised web content. People have to see that you’re switched-on, intelligent, and generous with your services or product expertise. Give them information worth reading (backed up by clever keyword placement) and search engines will smile kindly on your digital presence.

And yet… Doing this takes an awful lot of persistence. Posts have to interlink; ideas should be shared and strengthened wherever possible; the keyword list, far from being a Godsend, might be hard to implement at every turn. SEO has to be consistent over a number of months, at the very least, before it delivers the traffic you’re expecting.

However, that word – ‘expectation’ – is met much more soundly with a PPC outlook. Ads are displayed at the top of a search engine ladder, using that vaunted placement to guide a web user towards your site. You only pay for the clicks that are totted up: since the ad has been displayed on the basis of relevant search terms, which you can bid on, there’s a significant chance the prospect will buy if they like what they see.

So, essentially, you’re rocketed to the peak of a customer’s purchasing options, and can assume (with greater confidence) how many people will reach your website in a given period. Only have 700-clicks’ worth of cash to spend? That’ll be 700 firm leads for you…

How KIJO tackle PPC in Coleshill

Local PPC campaigns are great for a number of reasons. Actually, its potential may outstrip big, nationwide search term bids, which can be costly to obtain. You can always experiment with either – it depends on how wide your operations stretch.

But the fact remains that PPC in Coleshill can really help your regional marketing take flight. By working with our clients to find those prime ad words, the KIJO team can suggest and implement local sales campaigns, all based around the solutions people are hunting for. Because the searches are more specific, there’s less competition, and that means the bidding prices are lower. Thusly, a modest SME can fork out for a strong PPC framework that doesn’t carve a hole in its finances. We refine the campaign constantly, testing what nets the best results.

It doesn’t have to focus on Google; other platforms, like Bing, YouTube and Facebook, are there for the taking. We can assess the demographic of your customer base, for instance, and align PPC to show up for social media users who fit the bill. Sites like Twitter and Instagram have their own potential, if they really speak to your brand guidelines.

Simply put – KIJO can transform how visible you are in a region, while paving the way for a much larger audience, one that’ll help your SEO flourish when enough momentum’s been gained.

PPC in Coleshill – a case study

Want to see the empirical truth of KIJO’s skill in the PPC arena? Here’s a case study to highlight what we do:

Reveal PI

This is a long-lasting client of ours, and we’ve enjoyed every minute of giving their private investigation team more exposure.

How so? Well, we first lent our hand to logo design [general LINK] and branding [general LINK], soaking in everything we could about the company’s journey so far. Once that was firmed up and conceptualised, PPC supplemented the brand’s appeal – namely, to hire a covert professional for cases across the UK.

KIJO landed on several, tailored ad groups for Reveal’s online marketing. Every PPC campaign had region-specific phrases, moving city-by-city through the extent of what the service can do. As a result, the AdWords strategy has garnered a 600% ROI for three years straight. For every £1 Reveal PI has given us, we’ve put £6 back in their pocket: a sure measure of any successful Pay-Per-Click commitment.

Hopefully you can see where we’re coming from… Moreover, you could be hungry to launch a similar mission, reeling in hundreds of web prospects in a very short time. Call KIJO Creative on 0121 663 0523 to see how we can aid PPC in Coleshill, and give your venture a leg-up to the big leagues!

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