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SEO Coleshill

Kirk Thompson


Author Image: Kirk Thompson
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The internet is a vast, competitive place. To rise to the top of the search engines, you need to get savvy about keywords, site maps and content. KIJO is an expert of SEO Coleshill, with the ability to raise your local and national profile by increasing your presence on the major search engines.

Does SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in Coleshill really matter?

Yes, it really does; banish any other thought from your mind. 90% of people don’t bother to scroll past page 1 of Google, never mind the second, third or fourth pages. If you aren’t there jostling for premier SEO status, you’ll miss a valuable opportunity to secure new business.

In fact, with the right support, local ventures can master SEO techniques faster than a nationwide brand. The more specific your business is – matched to a pool of local, carefully chosen search terms – the higher your conversion rates will be. This is because customers usually know what they’re looking for i.e. a great service or product, in an area they can easily get to. SEO ensures that you fit the bill of whatever they’re hunting for.

KIJO have helped many organisations, both in and beyond our Coleshill doorstep, to boost their online visibility. Not only should your website be mobile-friendly and fully optimised; it should boast smart, relevant content with a good volume of keywords. We cover all bases of SEO Coleshill, so that you can sit back and watch your ranking improve.

Do you truly understand what your demographic looks for? We’re all expected to be digital natives, but KIJO takes that responsibility off your shoulders, designing the pattern of your SEO fingerprint.

SEO Coleshill – our clients  

Any brand, regardless of their industry, needs an SEO framework to survive and thrive online. It’s been our pleasure to work with dozens of great clients, and we’re able to ensure every detail counts for their level of exposure.

If you’re keen to see which Coleshill-based brands we’ve helped so far, check out our project highlights:

Park IT

This innovative brand centres on a mobile app, which can perform audits, check-ins/outs, and intervention reporting for an airport parking service on the vehicles in their care.

As a nationwide organisation working with airports across the UK, we partnered with Park-IT to raise the online profile of the brand. By optimising their site for mobile and search, as well as keeping the website up-to-date with relevant content, we helped to increase the visibility of our client far beyond their Coleshill HQ.

Reveal PI

A private detective firm based in Coleshill, Reveal PI offer investigation services to individuals and commercial clients. KIJO have been at the helm of many of Reveal PI’s digital marketing campaigns, with content at the very crux of our SEO strategy.

Since anyone looking for this service is probably very serious about it, our recent SEO campaign came down to specific, regional tours through a town like Wolverhampton or Oxford.

We placed the reader in the shoes of an investigator: how they might stay covert, where they can go, and why knowledge of the local area is crucial to tailing a person. Thusly, Reveal PI can inspire any web users casting a net for these services, reflecting their tailored approach.

PCP Heating

PCP Heating came to us needing a thorough digital overhaul. Aside from designing their logo and iconography, the KIJO team looked into SEO techniques, applying them across the home page and service descriptions.

The company can perform all sorts of tasks. Some of these include renovation, boiler installation, chemical flushes and fixing a leak, all of which are in constant demand from clients. Our descriptive text pays due attention to these local keywords, whilst building a friendly tone that gets to the heart of issues like warranty, general repairs, and accreditation.

Again, we urge you to explore SEO in Coleshill for yourself. The potential return on investment from tapping into online sales – even at a local level – is lucrative, making it a no-brainer for any business that relies on digital marketing. Soon enough, your traffic will spike, sales will begin to swell, and your Google ranking will be able to support itself.

Fancy a consultation, free of charge? Call KIJO Creative today on 0121 663 0523. SEO Coleshill can be a bygone issue with our dedicated web experts to sharpen it…

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