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Simple 5 step guide to gain 5 STAR Google Reviews


Author Image: KIJO Team
5 star google reviews
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(You must have registered for a Google My Business Account to use this guide -If you need to register for a Google My Business Account then go to the following link:

Why Choose to Increase Google Reviews?

In all walks of life and business the idea of a “first impression” is something which is often reinforced as something which itself can be quite important.

Because of this a companies website situated on Google is no different.

Don’t Forget:

Companies who dominate and top your industry will be taking all factors of traffic drivers into account.

“So ask yourself can you really afford not to take your Google Reviews into consideration?”

LETS BEGIN: How to Increase Google Reviews

Here’s the deal:

Over the next 5 steps we will show you a simple but effective technique which enables you to gain 5 STAR POSITIVE Google Reviews.

google reviews

Step 1

Search for your company on Google by entering your company name. Your company profile will appear on the right hand side of the Google search results.

Step 2

Click on the “Write a review” box that is situated inside your Google My Business card.

5 star google reviews


Step 3

You’ll see a Google review box has popped up; copy the URL out of the address bar.

how to get 5 star google reviews


This will give you a URL similar to e,3,

The main part we’re interested in is the last digit; the 3. This is the part that pops open the review box. You can change the functionality of this URL for instance by changing it to a 1 and it will open up a pop which shows all of your current reviews.

Now here’s the clever bit;

If you add a 5 after the final comma, so your URL looks like e,3,5

This will not only open the review box, but it will also highlight 5 stars! All your client needs to do now, is add the words for their review.

Step 4

google reviews


Now we need to shorten that long link so it looks friendlier to send to your clients. Go to and enter your long link into the “Simplify your links” box and click “Shorten URL” a pop up box will appear with your new shortened user friendly link, copy this link and save it somewhere safe as this is the link you will be sending out to your customers. To test the link enter it into your browser URL and hit enter.

quick google reviews

Step 5

Now you have a friendly link that sends clients to your Google review page with 5 stars already selected, its time to get this link out to your happy customers.

Use the template below for the bet chance of gaining Google reviews Request for review

Template Email


I hope this email finds you well.

We are getting up to date with some of our SEO tasks and are approaching some of our valued customers to ask them if they are happy to leave us a review on Google.

We have created a link that takes you straight to our Google review page, so leaving a review is simply a case of logging into your Google account writing a quick sentence about how great we are and hitting submit. The link is below:


We really do appreciate you taking the time to help us out. If for any reason you are not happy to leave a review, we would be interested to hear your reasons and to see if there was anything we could do for you.

Many thanks in anticipation.

Kind regards,

Bonus Tip

Want to really incentives your clients to leave a review? Then you could offer them a special deal or offer for leaving the review! 5% off their next purchase as an example, this is not only a great way to increase your Google reviews (and therefor SEO) but also it gives you previous clients an incentive to use your services again!

Thanks for reading and we hope you find this guide useful in gaining those all important 5 star reviews!

If your interested in boosting your companys SEO with more than Google Reviews then please call Kirk on 0121 663 0523 and I will be happy to discuss how we can boost your Google rankings.

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