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How Can I Start My Own Business With No Money?

Mark Simmonds

Lead Growth Consultant

Author Image: Mark Simmonds
no money to start a business
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How can i start my own business with no money

“How can I start my own business with no money”

Sound familiar? Then you should read on.

How many great ideas have gone to waste because their inventor didn’t have the time, resources or capital to get them going? Just think of all the would-be projects that could now be a part of our everyday lives if only there’d been more start up support for them.

Starting a business with no money is hard. Of course, the true heart of any business is the original idea behind it. But without support at the beginning of your journey, getting your product or service out there can seem like an insurmountable challenge.

So if you’ve got a nugget of an idea but you’re not sure where to start – you’ll be excited to hear about the #KonceptCup18 – Launching on the 1st January 2018.

What is the #KonceptCup18?

business idea but no starting capital

If you’re sitting on a concept for a groundbreaking new product, service or business – and you’re waiting for your big break – this could be it.

Launching in January 2018, the Koncept Cup is a fresh, new platform designed with the aim of helping people share entrepreneurial ideas. And for one lucky winner, the prize is support in turning that idea into a reality.

Budding entrepreneurs will be invited to submit their business ideas to the Koncept Cup via Instagram in the form of a one-minute video explaining their concept – as well as using the hashtag #KonceptCup18. From the top ten submissions, a panel of judges will select the best idea and its creator will receive support to make it happen.

Videos will be displayed on the Koncept Cup website and social media platforms – showcasing the next generation of innovation to the digital community. Followers will be able to like, share and comment on their favourites. So just by entering you’ll have a unique opportunity to get feedback on your initial thoughts and generate excitement about whatever gem you’ve dreamt up.

It’s a completely free way of promoting your idea and potentially getting the backing you need to start your business. So if you’re keen on starting a business with no capital, you need to get involved.

Boosting new businesses into the industry

no money to start a business

The Koncept Cup is the brainchild of KIJO, a Solihull web design agency. KIJO work with businesses at all stages of their journey – whether that’s helping a small business to start with little money or managing nationwide campaigns for big brands. They love helping start ups break into the marketplace and are keen to promote entrepreneurship. As a forward-thinking marketing agency, KIJO want to help realise the visions of companies and individuals whose ideas will improve our lives or impact our futures.

The winner of the Koncept Cup will gain the support of KIJO’s services to help launch their business into the marketplace. From software and web development to business strategy and marketing, this talented team have the skills and knowledge to build excitement around your idea and rocket your business into the industry.

KIJO believes that brilliant ideas shouldn’t be left to fizzle out – but should be given the energy and resources to make them happen. When it comes to building the future, new ideas are everything.

I have a business idea but no money. How can the Koncept Cup help me?

If you have an original and exciting idea for the next big business, the Koncept Cup gives you a space to launch it.

Your business concept could be absolutely anything (moral and legal of course!) and there are no age restrictions for the competition. If you’re passionate about your idea, we want to hear about it.

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being your own boss and you’re wondering, “How do I go about starting my own business without money?” Perhaps you’re a small business without investment. Or you’ve had that ‘lightbulb’ moment and need some help bringing your initial thoughts to life.

All you need to do is create a short video explaining your idea and add it to your Instagram account with the competition’s hashtag. Your video doesn’t have to be anything fancy – a great business idea will speak for itself.

Instagram’s one-minute cap on videos means you’ll need to get your point across quickly and clearly. Whether it’s simply you speaking to the camera – or an animation you’ve put together – this is your chance to persuade viewers to believe in your idea as much as you do. Because of Instagram’s highly visual format and auto play videos, your pitch will get great visibility. Plus, unlike other similar platforms, it won’t disappear.

From all the ideas posted, the top ten will be put to a panel of judges. The panel are a handpicked bunch of business brains, all with enviable credentials when it comes to launching, promoting and understanding new businesses. After considering the shortlist, the judges will select a winner based on originality, market potential – and how much social media buzz has already been created around the idea.

Starting your own business with no money

How can i start a business with no money?

There are huge benefits to taking part in the Koncept Cup for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds who are starting a business with no capital.

Firstly, there are no age restrictions for entry. So it doesn’t matter if you’re still at school or you’ve been working your whole life – everyone has the chance to put their project forward. Maybe you’re a school leaver with no funds but bags of enthusiasm for your idea. Or through years of experience you’ve thought up a problem-solving product for your industry. The Koncept Cup gives you the chance to share it.

Plus it doesn’t cost a penny to enter, so if you want to start a business without money then this could be your chance.

What’s unique about the Koncept Cup is that all the business ideas received will be showcased on one landing page – providing a hub of fresh talent, game-changing projects and entrepreneurial spirit all in one place. Exciting stuff.

And of course, if your idea really stands out, you’ll see it realised with the help of experienced digital marketing agency KIJO.

This could be your chance to see your product or service launched into the industry with the help of a successful marketing agency. So don’t be the would-be entrepreneur that sits at home thinking ‘what if?’

Win the support of a top team of business & marketing experts

KIJO are a midlands-based web design agency based in Birmingham with years of  experience in helping businesses start, grow and succeed. The winner of the Koncept Cup will enter into a partnership with KIJO, who will use their skills to launch the new business.

KIJO will offer up their services to the winning entrepreneur. Although it’s not a financial investment, having design, development and marketing support on hand is of undeniable value to any launch project. Being able to draw on the experience and knowledge of a top agency is not something every start up can afford. KIJO will be able to help the winning business with everything from vision and strategy, through to launch and promotion.

Their services include design & development (websites, logos, marketing materials, video, software & apps) as well as extensive knowledge when it comes to marketing strategy, digital marketing and social media campaigns.

Who are KIJO and how can they help me start my own business?

KIJO have been providing stunning websites and effective digital marketing to companies of all sizes over the last 15 years – so if you’re the winner of the Koncept Cup, you can be sure your business launch is in safe hands.

Recently, KIJO have successfully launched a bespoke online rug builder for premium flooring brand Crucial Trading. The idea was to find a way to bridge the gap between an online retail experience and a physical shop. The solution was an interactive tool allowing customers to choose the exact shape, size, texture and colour of their rug – and visualise it in 3D online before adding to basket.

KIJO designed and developed the online product, integrating it into a fresh new website they’d also designed for Crucial Trading.

From the launch the product garnered some enviable press coverage, with TimeInc reporting that “the natural-flooring specialist has just relaunched it’s website, introducing a nifty 3D Rug Builder, which makes choosing a bespoke rug, from a range comprising of 70 different materials, that little bit easier.”

The Crucial Trading website was nominated for best website design in the Drum Design awards – up against high profile competition such as the Financial Times website and PwC’s extra-ordinary challenges site.

KIJO have also recently launched a new mobile-friendly staff portal for SaaS product Park It. The software is designed to improve parking at airports through automated processes. Park It’s customers needed a mobile app so that the software could be accessed by car parking staff on their devices, wherever they were on the site. We developed an app that works on both desktop and mobile, with a clear and simple dashboard to help users navigate through it easily. All essential information can be reached within 1-2 clicks.

The client loved the app and it’s now being rolled out to car parking sites in major airports across the UK.

Want to build a business that’s a nationwide success? Get involved with the Koncept Cup and KIJO could soon be helping you to make it happen.

New year, fresh ideas – start your own business in 2018

Koncept Cup Launch Date

If you’ve found yourself watching people pitch for investment on TV and shouting “I could do better than that!” at the screen, now’s your chance to prove it.

The Koncept Cup launches in January 2018 and will run throughout January and February – so now’s the time to get thinking and putting together your pitch.

January is often the time we make plans for what we want to achieve in the year ahead – our brains are buzzing with energy and ideas on how to improve our lives and careers. With the competition starting in the New Year, 2018 could be the year that you turn your dreams of starting your own business into reality.

So if you’re wondering “How can I start my own business with no money?” make sure you’re ready to grab hold of this unique opportunity and enter the Koncept Cup. For the latest news and updates throughout the process we advise you to sign up to our emailing list. Receive regular ranking updates, new entrants and support from now to the end of the campaign.

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