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The Future Is Now

Jordan Thompson

Creative Director

Author Image: Jordan Thompson
User Experience Design
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Did you know The Future is Now?

The internet and the popularity of mobile devices has already changed our lives for the better in many ways and we want to ensure that continues. Not only that, we want to see these new technologies really enrich and improve our quality of life. The way we live our day to day lives has already changed dramatically and here are some areas where this fast pace of evolution is set to continue:

  • Improved access to education and learning tools as more people come online and discover the wealth of knowledge on the Internet
  • Helping businesses and employees to be more productive in the workplace (SAAS, 3d printing)
  • Advancing the quality and accessibility of healthcare (wearables, telemedicine)
  • Democratising communication so that everyone has a voice that can be heard worldwide
  • Improving how efficient we are at using resources (smart power grids, the automated home, electric cars, smart cities, Internet of things)

How do we go about doing this?

User Experience & Design Centric

Improving the user experience of the worlds websites and apps, through strategic design. The ultimate result being products that are easy to use, look great and delight users with their functionality. How users interact with these products shapes their usefulness, without a positive smooth experience great products and services will struggle to gain traction.

User Experience has permeated all forms of design. It is now recognised as more important than ever. It used to be the case of having a dedicated role of UX designer within a company but now UX knowledge is expected of many different areas of expertise. User Experience affects too many areas for it to be just be the consideration of one person.

User Experience Design

The Cloud

The cloud allows business to scale fast and fail cheaply, with access to near infinite computing capacity. The consequence for users being access to thousands of useful and compelling services, anywhere, anytime. We help business’ to deploy Cloud technology.

Beacons, Sensors and Hardware

Beacon technology provides digital context for the real world. It takes the isolated silos of the digital world and allows it to reach out and understand the physical world around it, down to a granular scale. This coupled with advanced sensor fusion and proliferation will create a smarter more efficient environment. The user will be at the centre of this new, efficient and empowered world, where the clear lines of digital and real world are obscured beyond recognition.

Are you wearing your seatbelt? The future really is now.

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