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The International Women's Day Edit

Kirk Thompson


Author Image: Kirk Thompson
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Your weekly digest from KIJO Media had evolved #buildthefuture

Women In Tech

When only 17% of the UK technology workforce are women, only 5% of leadership roles, and a gender pay gap of 9.6%, it’s easy to feel isolated and undervalued. These feelings can push people away from the industry, reducing womens representation even further.

Women In Tech Brum is a networking group set up for women and non-binary folk working in tech to support and empower one another. They meet every month in Birmingham to discuss feminism, technology, and their own passion projects.

Jen Gotch is OK… Sometimes

Jen Gotch is OK… Sometimes. That’s the title of Jen’s podcast, in which she discusses emotional intelligence, mental health and more.

She is the co-founder and chief creative officer of Bando, a multi-million dollar accessories and gifts brand, and she’s a passionate mental health advocate.

Her Podcast, produced by Girlboss Radio, ran from May 2018 to Jan 2019, offering advice and encouragement to people trying to succeed while living with mental health issues. Find it on Apple Podcasts, or click here.


Gingiber is the name of Stacie Bloomfield’s company, featuring her designs on cards, gifts and fabric patterns. It is also the handle of her instagram, which is distinctly feminist and body-positive.

Based in Arizona, Bloomfield uses simple lines and minimalist colour pallettes to create uplifting artwork, adorned with encouraging phrases such as “Nobody’s got it all together” or “Ask For What You Want”.

For a regular dose of beautifully illustrated self-care reminders in your insta, follow @gingiber.

The Next Question

The Next Question, or TNQ, is an American web show in which Austin Channing Brown, Jenny Booth Potter and Chi Chi Okwu discuss racial justice in detail, without shying away from the difficult questions.

With laughter and rage in equal doses, the show’s guests are activists, journalists, authors and researchers, who come to talk on topics from prison abolition in the US to unapologetic joy.

The show is supplemented with “homework”, an unapologetic call to viewers to educate themselves on the issues before forming an opinion. Raise your consciousness and watch here.

The Future Is Female

You might have noticed a change in your KIJO newsletter design. What we do, day in, day out, is work hard for our clients. We provide quality websites with bespoke features to solve specific problems. We build apps and augmented reality interfaces. We create content which communicates our clients’ visions to their base.

We don’t need to tell you this again and again, so we’re giving you something fresh:

A weekly dose of inspiration to brighten your day and wake up your senses.

This week’s newsletter focuses on women as artists, business people and technology specialists, because a balance needs to be redressed. We can’t #BuildTheFuture without women.

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