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The KIJO Weekly - 14/02/20

Kirk Thompson


Author Image: Kirk Thompson
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This week the Branding Team have been fully immersed in the design sprint for one of our new and exciting clients Equilibrium Healthcare. On Monday they explored the first stage of the process by working on gathering multiple concepts towards the mood board. 


The team headed to our second office in Brindley Place in Birmingham this week. There they were able to really absorb themselves in the brand and look into other brands in the area for inspiration. 


Each week we allow one team member to take over the Instagram page. This week Megan had the opportunity to show a few extra elements from her day. She spends most of her working day shooting video content and snapping cool shots for our clients as well as the KIJO office and team.


You may have seen the design team head to our WeWork office on Thursday. The Media team followed them to gather video content for a new and exciting documentary they are working on. We snapped a few quirky nooks in the new office space.  


Friday was the day for the design team to finally put all of their ideas into fully fledged concepts. The majority of the designs that were chosen came from an exercise they completed early on in the week called crazy eights. They had 2 minutes each to draw one concept – they repeated this eight times until they had a selection of strong branding concepts to chose from. 

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