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The KIJO Weekly - 28/02/20

Kirk Thompson


Author Image: Kirk Thompson
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Liam has been in his sketchbook this week, experimenting to create new logo concepts for WM Employers. Playing with the relationship between letter shapes and iconography can update a company image and link the name to their values.


John went to our new Birmingham City Centre office to meet up with our friends over at Duel Gaming. We’re building and promoting Duel’s concept, a mobile platform allows users to play their favourite games against friends and to compete for cash prizes!

Duel are really happy with the rapid speed of the webapp we’ve built, and are looking for investors to gain from the big reaction we expect from both professional gamers and hobbyists alike.


Megan heads down to BlueBox today to photograph their simple self-storage solutions. With secure drive-in access, stock room and archiving facilities, BlueBox supports businesses and individuals alike. Megan had a great time with Simon, looking around the site for inspiration to showcase their industrial containers, and revisiting KIJO’s humble origins at their start-up office facilities.


Project Manager Adele has been calling clients with their regular updates, talking through the projects as they stand and discussing how they can move forward. Adele’s favourite part of the job is building these relationships, so clients can feel confident that their digital needs are in trusted hands.


With a great office space like this, where better to have that positive Friday feeling? Our breakout area, complete with a sofa and mini-fridge, is perfect for brainstorming ideas, catching up on the latest developments and strengthening those all important bonds which make us the dream team.

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