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The story behind KIJO and the talented team that delivers results consistently.

What is Kulture

KIJO was started around a simple idea. Create a design agency that combined cutting edge technology with simple visuals. Master the craft and enjoy the process of creation. Kulture is the embodiment of these ideals into the very core of the agency. From the way we conduct our work, to the team members who join us, to every decision we make. Kulture is what makes KIJO what it is today and guides us to be what we want to be tomorrow.

What is Kulture?
KIJO - Clean and Simple

The Story Behind The Name

The story starts around 15 years ago when brothers Kirk & Jordan started helping local businesses develop their websites & market themselves online. The KIJO name is a combination of the initials of these two founders.

Story Behind the Name - KI
Kirk is one of the co-founders of KIJO. His day to day role is heading up the business development and client relationship areas of the agency. Kirks is experienced in forging relationships with forward thinking clients and maintaining an eye on the future progression of our client base.
Story Behind the Name - JO
Jordan is the other co-founder of KIJO. His role as creative and design director sees him oversee all the work that is produced by the agency. Jordan’s keen eye for design and technical knowledge ensures the agency continues to deliver great work for our clients.

The Team

Team work makes the dream work. Our talented team members embody the KIJO spirit and help push creative and technical boundaries everyday.
Kirk Thompson - KIJO Team
Kirk Thompson
Kirk has over 20 years experience in sales and the technology sector.
KIJO - Jordan
Jordan Thompson
Jordan has over 15 years experience working with web technology. He created his first website when he was 11.
Mike O
Mike O'Raw
Lead Designer
Mike is naturally creative in all forms of design. Ranging from websites to video production.
Aaron Warner Headshot
Aaron Warner
Lead Developer
Aaron prides himself on creating efficient and effective solutions to the most complex problems.
Adele - Project Manager
Adele Reynolds
Project Manager
Adele prides herself on delivering projects on-time and in full. She brings a keen eye for attention to detail to every aspect of a project ensuring it’s smooth running.
Johnathan Butters Sales
Johnathan Butters
Business Development Executive
John's passion lies in helping businesses of all sizes realise their potential online - utilising his 7 years experience in Business Development.
Megan - Growth Consultant
Megan Bradley
Growth Consultant
Megan adds a creative spark and energy to all our Growth campaigns.
Liam Terry Designer
Liam Terry
Liam has skills in digital design and also has an keen eye for good quality print design.
Jack Pywell
Enjoys creating clean and innovating solutions to make tedious business tasks quick and simple.
Lynsey Davies Office
Lynsey Davies
Office Assistant
Lynsey helps to keep the studio organised utilising her background in project management and administration.

Kulture Statements

Statements that shape our approach every project. Present or future these statements are timeless.
01 Perfect the Experience
Where the Users Are
Devices come and go. Mediums change as technology changes. One thing that will always stay consistent is the user at the centre of everything we do.
02 Ruthless Simplicity
Sometimes saying no is harder than saying yes. The pursuit of creating simple and elegant solutions is what drives us.
03 Combine Product
& Feelings
Design should connect with users. The experience should be visceral and emotive.
04 Foundations Built
for Tomorrow
We strive to make decisions on every project that we will look back on as solid and effective. No trendy choices here.
05 Build The Future
Digital technology and how we use it has the potential to change the world. Let's take advantage of it. The future is now.
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The Studio

The KIJO design studio is clean and spacious just like our design style. Located in Coleshill which is a short drive from Solihull town centre and has access to excellent transport links to Birmingham City Centre.
KIJO Studio Exterior Sign
KIJO Studio - Exterior

Awards & Recognition

We strive to make all our work award worthy for our excellent clients.

Awards - CSSDA - Best UX
Awards - CSSDA - Best UI
Awards - CSSDA - Best Innovation
Awards - CSSDA - Special Kudos
Awards - The Drum
Awards - Web Guru
Awards - BIMA
Awards - Google
Awards - Apple