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Strategic Partnership

We look for clients who are strong forward thinking companies that we can build a good working relationship with, Park-IT is one of those once in a lifetime companies.

Park-IT - Homepage

Brand Evolution

As previously mentioned the Park-IT brand was originally faded and soft, it didn’t have the feel of a strong worldwide SaaS product, we pushed for a new brand to really encompass the true heart of the company.

Park-IT - Rebrand

New Website Development

Park-IT aren’t just a parking company, they’re a SaaS product provider, dedicated to improving car parking systems through-out the country, we wanted to elevate them to that status, providing a platform that says we’re the best in the business.

Improved Mobile Experience

The new Park-IT website was designed and developed using a mobile first approach. The experience is completely fluid and natural on a mobile device. Special attention was given to sizing and how mobile devices work.

UX User Personas

We mapped out the different user personas who would potentially visit the Park-IT website. From here we tailored the experience so that the information each group requires was easily available.

UX Feature Mapping

Delightful Animation

We created a series of bespoke animated illustration. These would be used to great affect to tell the story of Park-IT's cutting-edge software solution.

Animated Video

Our design team set about telling the story of Park-IT through a visual animated explainer video. The video is unmistakably Park-IT and makes Park-ITs solution easily digestible.

Fast & Secure Cloud Hosting

All of our websites are hosting on a fast and secure cloud environment. This ensures  downtime will be minimal to non-existent.

Park-IT Calculator

Park-IT pride themselves on being able to provide more spaces for a companies carpark, reducing queue times and complaints, we wanted to create a way of displaying this to the consumer, to achieve this we created a beautiful interactive calculator.


We believe that one of the best tools in Park-IT’s arsenal is their client list, their service is used and trusted by the best in the business, we wanted to make an emphasis on this through-out the site.

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