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B2B Quote

A perfect mix of both creativity and professionalism.

B2B Quote is a tender alert company who provide opportunities to their members, saving them the time it takes to search them out for themselves.

Our client approached us looking for a new website hoping that a fresh look would boost their business. They came to the right people. We designed a completely bespoke, professional and simple website experience for both them and their clients.

Home Page

It goes without saying, your home page is very much your store front. For B2B Quote, we designed a home page that instantly gives the user a number of important things to consider. Interaction is essential, and our home page design allows for a lot of it. Our strategic placement of elements, buttons and functions all work toward persuading the user to register.


Quote are a professional and sophisticated client dealing with large corporations. Obviously, our designs needed to reflect that. How did we manage to do so while still managing to create a great visual experience?
We created a number of beautiful illustrations that reflect the nature of B2B’s business all while keeping the website experience engaging. These striking visuals not only enhance the user experience, they expand upon the client’s brand as a whole.

It’s The Little Things That Matter

We don’t just design websites, we design experiences. It was important that the designs we created directed the user in a way that the client wanted. In this instance the user needed to be encouraged to register an account with our client. Using repetition, confident language and clear visual communication, we did just that.





As with all of our designs, we created a responsive experience for our client. The way we see it; if it doesn’t look as good on a mobile as it does on a laptop, it’s not responsive.

Registering & Booking

It was particularly important to make these sections clear with good flow and legibility. Sections that call users to take action or spend time interacting will really make or break a deal. That’s why we used simple layouts and large forms when creating B2B’s booking and registering screens.

Persuasive Design

It’s important to remember that we’re not just designing for our clients, we’re designing for our client’s clients. That means we need to take every step possible to ensure our designs encourage sales and interaction.

The Importance Of Ease

User experience is incredibly important. Bad user experience will cause frustration and is the silent killer of many sales. That’s why, when we design an experience, we ensure that it is as simple and as easy to follow as possible.

Trust Sections

To help improve customer relationships, we created a variety of trust sections that can be seen throughout the final design. These snippets of useful information help to encourage customers to trust the seller.


We designed a functional, professional and engaging website for our clients at B2B Quote. We managed to maintain a balance between professionalism and visual intrigue all while creating a user experience that encourages positive results for our clients.