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Beauty Chambers

New visual identity and brand for a health & beauty startup.

Beauty Chambers approached us looking for a refresh of their brand identity. Fundamentally, our client wanted us to present them as a quality and trust worthy business. Amidst the many beauty companies that are around today, it can be difficult to stand out. We wanted to deliver something that set Beauty Chambers apart from the populous competition.
There were a few conventions that our client wanted to stay clear of, which tightened our restrictions. However, using the that guidelines we set, we worked hard to find a solution to their problem and sought to create some beautiful outcomes. We created an entire brand identity around the core themes and aims of the people at Beauty Chambers.

The Idea

The brand visuals were designed to do two things. One, to visually resemble hair and two, to show off the vast difference between thick and thin lines, as microblading is Beauty Chambers’ core service. To do this, we used a mixture of weighty and light lines packed together to demonstrate the contrast between them.

The Details

Looks don’t matter, except when you’re branding a beauty company. It’s not just about how the logo looks, the little things count too. We designed a colour palette that gives the brand a more delicate and organic feel.
Like wise, we wanted to choose a typeface that expressed the elegance of the brand’s identity. We decided that Futura Light was a perfect fit. It’s lines are as sleek and beautiful as those found in the logo itself.

The Identity

We do more than just design logos. We design identities. We believe in the brands we work for and we want them to go far. So, we provide them with the means to do so. Creating patterns and themes that work in conjunction with the main logo allows our clients room to expand. In this instance, the logo works well as a pattern to be used on almost any large area of space.
Overall, we created a brand for our client that reflects the the visual standard that their work tries to achieve whilst also expressing the purpose of the brand itself. Through intelligent design choices we have created a visual identity that is both elegant and striking.