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Becketts Farm

Migrating an outdated website to a modern CMS eCommerce platform.

Becketts Farm Logo

We were approached by Beckett's Farm to migrate their website from Concrete5 to Wordpress, Migrate their eCommerce systems, upgrade to use PHP7 and also make them GDPR Compliant. They also requested our maintenance and support package, you can find out more about this later in the portfolio.

Along side the migration Beckett's wanted a small update on their visuals whilst keeping it as close as possible to their old website. Our solution was to keep all of the core elements that made it feel like a Beckett's Farm product. This included the nav and colour coded pages, however with slight tweaks and updates to their visuals we were able to create something that feels modern and special.

The Brief

Their old website felt like it was in need of a little bit of love. We increased the amount of white space on the website, removing that "cramped" feeling and modernised the headers, allowing for a large scale full width header. We removed the mismatched feel by reducing the amount of textures used through-out the website, we wanted it to have room to breathe and make it more special when you get that branded section on the website that feels more rustic.

Whilst creating the new Beckett's Farm website we soon came to the conclusion that their beautiful grounds need to be seen! We leaned heavily into the Beckett's Farm imagery. Showcasing truly how wonderful of an experience it is.

Becketts Farm WordPress Website

For their eCommerce solution we integrated and tested SagePay payment processing, creating a seamless and easy to use check out process for the Beckett's Farm customers.

Our solution for Beckett's Farm gave their website a much needed overhaul, giving it a modern feel whilst not losing it's recognisable rustic charm. Beckett's farm is now GDPR compliant, assuring that their customers and Beckett's Farm themselves feel safe.

Beckett's Farm aimed to migrate their current website from Concrete5 to WordPress. This allowed them to become GDPR compliant, upgrade to use PHP7 and modernise their website. We kept the core elements that made it feel like a Beckett's product but with slight tweaks to make something truly spectacular.

Mike O'Raw

Beckett's farm also approached us and requested our Wordpress maintenance package. With this we're able to make sure that their Wordpress website remains secure, gives them monthly updates for their Wordpress site, plugins & theme, creates daily backups of their website in case anything goes wrong and offers a website restoration service within 36 hours.

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