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Bristol Airport Check In

A new self-service check-in experience.

We were approached to design a new check in area for Bristol Airport, utilising new Park-IT kiosks. The kiosk area needed to feature the Bristol Airport brand, tag collection buckets and barriers. For this project we got to flex our 3D muscles, mocking up the entire check in area as a 3D environment.

The Brief

Floor Area Sketch
Kiosk design sketch

We started off by mocking up 2D guidelines of the check-in area. Utilising vector line illustrations we were able to mock up and move around simplistic versions of the kiosks to get the exact layout we wanted.

We then moved onto the kiosk, we created a sleek kiosk with a lower down screen featuring gentle tilt, allowing the user some privacy and accessibility to those who may require a lower screen.

The Plan

Bristol Airport check-in desk
Bristol airport graphic design

After the planning stage we moved onto building a 3d environment, in this stage we began to realise an issue, although we had gone with the brand colours for Bristol Airport, against their minimalist check-in it stood out a little too much, to combat this we started to move away from the lime green and headed more in the direction of including white and dark blue.

The hurdles

We were successful in creating a branded check-in experience utilising new sleeker Park-IT kiosks. We showcased our work by creating a 3D environment that used a bold light set up for a more realistic feel. This environment really helped our work shine and gives the viewer a better understanding of exactly how the new check-in is going to look.

The outcome