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British Energy Solutions

British energy solutions - Affordable energy for your home or business

British Energy Solutions approached us with the task of creating not only their new brand and stationary, but also their new website. They were looking for a professional feeling website with lots of space, avoiding getting too text heavy. It was requested that the brand utilised the colours of the British flag, we didn't want to over-do these colours as it can become quite over-bearing, we opted for subtlety on the website, using them sparingly so that the information was all legible and the main focus.

The brief

When sourcing imagery for the website we wanted to go with positive images, images of homes and renewable energy sources on bright days or beautiful scenes. These images swiftly became a very good juxtaposition to the large white space on the website. We wanted these images to stand out wherever they were utilised.

The Imagery

The logo was born from the idea of a flame, at different temperatures and with different fuels a flame can be drastically different colours. Variants of these colours can be seen within the colours of the British flag. We went with a layered flame icon that allowed us to incorporate each colour from our chosen pallet.

The Concept

When creating a brand, it's always important to think about how that brand can be used, how can it be utilised when sending documents, emails, giving business cards and so much more. We created a full branding pack for British Energy solutions. This really highlighted how well the brand works, seeing it on different printed materials and standing out.


We successfully created a strong and original brand, giving the client a respectable and professional appearance right from that first moment of handing over a business card. We continued this professional feeling onto their website, showcasing their information in a spacious and legible manner. Accenting those small pockets of information with vibrant and positive imagery.

The Outcome