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Cloud based timesheet and time tracking SaaS application.

Crono Web Application

KIJO was approached to create an in-house Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product which would be a simple to use timesheet system that allows users to organise a team of employees and generate invoices based on time spent.

We designed and built this cloud based timesheet application from the ground up. With a tagline of "Super Simple Timesheets" its definitively KIJO. The application was built using the Laravel PHP library for its backend and Vue.JS for its front-end single page application.


  • Single page web application
  • WordPress marketing website
  • Brand creation
  • Brand guidelines

Brand Development

From the get go we wanted to create a strong SaaS product brand, Crono is about Timesheets and we made the decision early on to feature hourglass imagery through-out the brand.

There were a few iterations of the Crono brand, through-out them all, a few things persisted, the colour scheme’s strong blues and an hourglass in some shape or form.

Brainstorming session
Meeting session
Crono Branding Design
Crono Logo Design

We created a web app that allows users to create an account and invite team members, assign tasks to team members, have your team input data into timesheets and generate invoices based on this data.

Generate beautiful invoices complete with your company logo. Select a client and then pick what tasks you want to charge for. Crono automatically calculates the costs based on the timesheets and the hourly rate you have set. Send out invoices to your clients via email or download a PDF version. Keep track of your finances by marking invoices as paid and see who is still to pay right from within the app.

Crono sign up animation
Crono filtering

The Colour Pallet

Our colour pallet consists of blues and a bright, bold green, this green is used for call to actions, it stands out as a great contrasty to the deeper corporate royal blue colour, when developing the

Crono colour palette

User Experience

The timesheet system was stripped back multiple times to reach it’s simplest form, we wanted this to be accessible by anyone and everyone, Crono is the best way to create timesheets for your company.

User experience (UX) laptop
Timesheet approval user experience

Mobile Experience

With Crono being a web application it was important that the experience was not only optimised for mobile but that it worked naturally just like the desktop experience. We focused on ensuring that it looked and worked exactly like the desktop application. The mobile version is not dumbed down and has all the power features of the desktop version.

Crono - Mobile Cards
Mobile web application

Marketing Website

Partnering with the app we created a marketing website, running through everything that Crono allows a user to do, from timesheets to invoicing and team management. WordPress was used as the CMS to allow us to integrate closely with the software application.

WordPress Marketing Website Laptop
WordPress marketing website

Fast & Secure Cloud Hosting

Crono uses the latest AWS cloud hosting ensuring the app is super fast and reliable. Not only is the hosting architecture fast its also built on top of rock solid security.

Cloud hosting technology via AWS