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Crowne Plaza

A new user experience and user interface design for this hotel chains parking kiosks.

Crowne Plaza User Experience Design

The KIJO team was tasked with designing a new User Interface for Crowne Plaza hotels parking kiosks. The brief was to create something that was unmistakably on brand whilst designing a User Experience that was simple and easy to use.

Crowne Plaza Payment Screen

Before getting started on the designs we conducted a series of user interviews and gathering information around current self service systems. Next we mapped out the user journey from the first touchpoint until the final action. We reviewed existing solutions in the marketplace and researched common complaints customers have when using self service kiosks.

This research gave us a clear picture of the current landscape of self service kiosks and where to channel our design efforts to create the desired user experience.

User Experience Research

Kiosk Wire-framing & Prototype

The kiosk’s had to be designed with touch screens in mind, allowing for quick and easy navigation. To make sure this was the case we made instructions large and clear. The goal should be to spend as little time as possible at the kiosk.

We made buttons easy touch targets along with intentionally creating a colour palette that contracted with the surrounding User Interface.

Welcome Screen Experience
Error Screen

As an extension to our original brief we were also asked to mockup the physical kiosk in the Crowne Plaza branding. The design would mirror the user interface design in its overall aesthetic and operate within the chains brand guidelines.

Kiosk Design Schematic
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  • CP Start Screen
  • CP Payment UX
  • Car Map UX