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Crucial Trading

Award nominated web presence and 3d product builder.

Lose yourself in an experience of sumptuous discovery. The new Crucial Trading responsive web presence is where inspiration begins. Subtle pastel tones & vibrant lifestyle imagery combine to create an experience as diverse as the floor covering combinations Crucial are famed for.

The Crucial Trading website was an experiment in elegance and modernism, a passion project from start to finish.

When designing something new we always keep in mind, what is the purpose for creating this in the first place? For Crucial Trading it was to modernise and innovate.

Crucial Trading Website - Inspiration Page

Materials Iconography

One of the main features that make Crucial Trading so great is their huge selection of different materials and products, we needed to provide a way of categorising these and making them individually recognisable.

Crucial Trading Icons
Crucial Trading Website - Swatch Page

The Devil's In the Details

With each bespoke rug pattern and material they have different details and requirements, we created a simplified detail view that provides all of the details you would ever need in a simple digestable format.

Web Design Crucial Trading

3D Rug Builder

We wanted to find a way to bridge the gap between an online retail experience in a brick and mortar shop, to do this we created the powerful 3D rug builder, allowing you to create the exact rug you always wanted within a 3d space.

Crucial - 3D Rug Builder

Discover Local Retailers

Crucial Trading sell their products through many different retailers across the country and over-seas, to help you find these we created a beautiful retailer page.

With a large full size map at the top of the page with each retailer pinned at their precise location. Further down we created the option of two views to display the information of each retailer. Spacious cards or the more compact accordion view - whichever suits the visitor.

Not just an exercise in visuals the retailer page is also very useful tool. With links to Google maps you can get directions from your location direct to the retailers door.

Crucial Trading Website Tablet

Delightful Mobile Experience

At KIJO we believe in perfecting the experience where the users are. Mobile has been and continues to be one of the most utilised platforms for browsing the web since 2016.

Crucial Trading - Mobile Experience
Crucial Website Tablet
Crucial - Photography

The Crucial Trading website was a finalist in the Drum Design Awards 2017. The web design category was extremely competitive with the Financial Times and PriceWaterhouseCoopers also finalists in the category.

Drum Design Awards 2017