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FITness App

Keep track of your own Fitness progress and manage your fitness classes from the same app.

FITness App

The FITness app allows the users to either keep track of their students in their health class or keep track of your progress in health classes. With profiles for both students and instructors this app truly helps with getting healthy.

When you log into the app it automatically knows if you’re a teacher or a student. Allowing you to acces either the instructor dashboard or the student dashboard.

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FITness Branding Design
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As a student your stats and information / improvements are on your dashboard as simple graphs and icons. You can use this to continue improving your health and fitness and reaching your milestones.

FitNESS App Dashboard
FitNESS App Ratings
FITness - Ratings and Profile

The FITness app allows instructors to manage their fitness class attendance easily and efficiently. The app stores your existing class members and allows you to easily add new members. Keep a running register of who attended and on what days.

FITNess - Class Registration
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Get some clarity with FITness.

The purpose of the FITness app was simple, create clarity for both the instructor and the student, track your stats and progression with ease, using easy to interpret graphs while your instructor utilises it to give you assessments allowing for classes to change and adapt as your fitness progresses.