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Hogarths Hotel

A hotel platform showcasing 2 gorgeous hotel locations with a 55% increase in user engagement across both websites.

Hogarths Solihull Web Design

We look for clients who are strong forward thinking companies that we can build a good working relationship with, Hogarths is one of those once in a lifetime companies.

Hogarth's had an outdated website built on top of old technology. It wasn't inspiring potential guests and was irritating for the staff members who were trying to keep it updated.

Hogarth's tasked KIJO to completely redesign and develop their web presence from the ground up. With a particular focus on creating something that was highly visual and easy to navigate.

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Hogarths Web Design - Afternoon Tea
Hogarths Website - Champagne
Hogarths Website - Restaurant

Joyful Mobile Experience

Mobile visitors make up a significant share of the traffic to the existing website. We wanted to showcase the hotel whilst also making it super easy to find and book rooms.

Hogarth's brand colour palette is structured around the seasons of the year. We decided to use this colour palette throughout the website. With each of the main sections of website taking on a different colour.


The deep purple was used for the bedrooms pages as we felt this provided great connotations of luxury. While visually appealing it also aided the navigation of the website - making it clear to a visitor where they were within the website.

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Bringing the Experience to Life

In creating the Hogarths website we wanted to bring the luxurious hotel feel that Hogarths Hotel is known for to an online platform. There's no denying that the website feels 100% Hogarths.

Hogarths Solihull Fountain
Hogarths Website Macbook
Hogarths Stone Manor Flowers Photography
Hogarth’s presented its own unique set of challenges due to the way their old website was structured. The Solihull branch was taking the lions share of the traffic which was making it difficult for the Stone Manor branch to attract guests and rank highly on Google. We created a new hotel platform built on top of WordPress which gives equal weighting to both Hotel’s and allows them to add hotels as the brand grows into the future.

Jordan Thompson

Director - KIJO

Platform for Growth

Hogarth’s is a growing hotel brand. Part of our brief was to create a website platform that allowed easy navigation between hotel locations. We created a hotel selector within easy reach of the menu. Coupled with a stunning group landing page.

Hogarths Web Design


As part of our brief we created some stunning cinemagraphs. These eye catching and visually stunning elements set the Hogarth's website apart from other hotel websites and helped to increase visitor engagement.

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Gorgeous websites.


Increase in user engagement across both websites.


Increase in wedding venue enquiries.