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Innovate Psychology

Exciting new visual identity for a psychology startup.

Innovate Psychology Brand Design

When Innovate Psychology approached us to create their brand they made it very clear that their focus is on psychology for children with the plans to expand to adults in the future. This meant that the brand itself had to fit both demographics, inviting and child friendly but also professional and unpatronising for adults, this challenge was a lot of fun for our designers.

When writing out the name “Innovate Psychology” in the sketching phase, we came to realise that if you use cursive the joining “in” looks like someone sitting down. We pushed forward with this imagery to show that innovate psychology provide a relaxed, safe environment.

Experimenting with typography

Innovate Brand Sketch
Innovate Brand Sketch 2

Although the innovate brand contains bright colours and rounded imagery, we wanted them to have the ability to still showcase their brand as clean and professional.

Clean, friendly and professional

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Think about looking around for a quiet place, sitting down on a patch of grass and relaxing. What is your natural sitting position? you lean back on your arms, strech your legs out and take in everything around you.

This theory came together after writing down the word “innovate” several times in different styles. It became  apparent to us that the letterforms “i” and “n” in cursive look very similar to the shape of a person sitting down.

However, after viewing this we realised it looked a little tense, a little reserves even. We loosened things up to make it look more approachable and relaxed.

The Theory

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Based on the subject matter it was decided that with this logo, soft colours would be ideal, nothing too brash, this logo design is all about “zen.” To continue the smooth, relaxed feeling of the icon we employed a soft gradient to it, ranging from sky blue to green.

The Colour Palette

Colour Palette Visual Identity

The icon for this logo required a bold and memorable typeface to go with it. However it still needed to be smooth and gentle. This problem was remedied by creating a customised version of the typeface “Mosk.”

Taking this bold brash font and gently curving the corners to soften it up gave the logo a nice roundness but remained bold and confident. We decided that some of the letterforms wouldn’t cut it in their current form and decided to create some as a completely bespoke type.


Innovate Logo Design 2

In order to keep the innovate brand looking professional and clean, at all times it should be the aim to leave one “head” space around the logo. This gives it room to breathe and helps build a recognisable and memorable brand identity.

Wherever possible use the logo in it’s entirety. However if required you may use the icon on it’s own, the icon itself should become as recognisable as the full logo.

Logo Design Usage

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