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Marston Green Residents Association

Logo Rebrand for Marston Greens Residents Association

new brand for marston green residents

Marston Green Residents Association engaged KIJO to create a brand new identity. We focused and took inspiration from one of Marston Greens key features - the clock tower. Combining different gradients and shapes to create a 3D effect.

Logo's Include 

  • Gradients
  • 3D Effects
  • Clock Tower

As previously stated the Marston Green Residents Association logo focuses in on the clocktowers of Marston Green. Hidden away inside of this bespoke logo mark is also a home, complete with chimney and front door, this represents the residents of Marston Green.

Hidden Messages

The completed Marston Green RA logo looks professional and sleek, allowing for striking brand assets utilising the bold green pallet. This rebrand truly modernises the association whilst keeping their professional image.

The Final Outcome