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Park-IT Animated Video

Animated explainer video to communicate an innovate cloud software product.



Park-IT are a modern tech company that offer the leading SaaS product for airport parking in the UK. We wanted to set them apart from other companies in the industry, to do this we created bespoke animations to explain what they do.

These animations were utilised in both an animated explainer video and also some brand new animated headers that would be located on each feature of the product on the website.

Park-IT Animated Explainer Video
Park-IT - Animated Explainer Video - 3

We started off by sitting down with Park-IT and discussing in further detail what the intention of this explainer video would be. A lot of the time videos just list features but without actually explaining anything. We wanted this video to really explain the fundamental benefits that this software would bring to their operations.

Next we set about creating a storyboard of every screen of the video. We started off doing this using pen and paper. The screens of the video would also be aligned with a voice over script - so we created the script while we was putting together the storyboard. Once we have got the best storyboard and script together we started to design all the graphics we would need to utilise and animate in the video.

Could an animated explainer video can help your business?
Park-IT - Animated Video - Tablet Stats
Park-IT - Animated Explainer Video - Warnings
Park-IT - Animated Explainer Video - Key Location
Park-IT - Animated Explainer Video - Feedback

The final step in the process and of one of the most exciting is when we take all the graphic assets created and put them into After Effects ready to be animated and made into a video.

Park-IT - Animated Explainer Video - After Effects