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Park-IT Approached us to evolve the Park-IT brand and re-imagine the company into a SaaS product.

Park-IT Website Growth BG

We look for clients who are strong forward thinking companies that we can build a good working relationship with, Park-IT is one of those once in a lifetime companies. Park-IT started life as an on-site software solution but it was time for them to evolve into a cloud based software product.

In order for them to communicate this new direction Park-IT wanted to evolve their existing brand and complete redesign their website. Our long standing relationship with Park-IT meant we were uniquely positioned to understand not only where to take the brand but also importantly where it had came from.


  • WordPress website
  • Animated illustrations
  • User experience personas
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Brand evolution
  • New brand colour palette


Park-IT - Website Testimonial

Brand Evolution

Park-IT’s old colour pallet was soft and faded, to reach that strong SaaS product feel we proposed an overhaul on their brand colours, pushing for a stronger pallet that really becomes a memorable brand image.

Brand Strategy
Brand colour palette

Illustrations & Animation

Park-IT's software product is rich in features. We found that it could be quite difficult to explain these with just text or images. We decided to create some bespoke animated illustrations. These would be positioned on the homepage and the features pages. They are a great interactive addition and serve a very important purpose of explaining exactly what the product does.

User Experience

Before starting the project we conducted UX workshops both internally and with the project stakeholders. The purpose of these workshops was to have a clear picture of who would be using the website and who the target demographic was.

Using the results of these workshops we would produce UX documents that would be used when making future decisions about the direction of the project. First off we created user personas. These are people we create, with the qualities of our ideal user base, which allows the team to relate to the real world needs of the users. Next we created a customer journey map, which would detail the possible journeys a user would take through the website. We could then design the website around the ideal path we would like users to take and ensure the information required was easy to find.

User Journey Map
Website Sitemap
UX User Personas
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Once we had evolved the brand, created a new colour palette and had a solid user experience plan in place we set about creating the website. The design made strong use of the new colour palette with large bold full colour sections. The homepage features a prominent value proposition and clear call to action. Coupled with the animated illustrations to really capture a visitors imagination.

Park-IT Responsive Web Design