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New visual identity for Park-IT's new suite of software tools.

Branding Agency Solihull

Park-IT approached us to rebrand their cloud based parking solution into This was to deviate away from the already established Park-IT brand and utilise a new logo, allowing each part of their software to be represented with a different colour. One of the key elements they wanted to feature was location.

The Brief

Brand Design Agency

Our original approach utilised a map pin with six background colours and an overlaying cloud icon, however after some internal discussions we came to the conclusion that it was far too on the nose. On top of that, with so many colours and an icon on top it was just going to be a little too much. We decided to then look at a simplified version of this.

Our Approach

Brand Logo Mark Guidelines

Our simplified logo incorporated the idea of the map pin, adding a little bit of extra flare using a method that makes the pin appear that it's folding over itself. We featured a through line where all of the colours meet in the centre that represented "connection" this is another key element of the system.

The Logo

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Brand Strategy
Typography choices
Branding Design Services
Park-IT rebranding
Branding Services Solihull
Visual identity strategy

We successfully created a recognisable brand that could be "re-skinned" to represent each element the ParkIT software covers. The brand now has a strong icon based logo that represents both location and connection.

The Outcome