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S – Health Assistant

Voice controlled personal & intelligent health care assistant.

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What is the most natural way for humans to communicate? Using our voices and language of course. This is also true when dealing with doctors and healthcare professionals.

Introducing S. Your personal, intelligent health assistant. Speak to S, tell it your symptoms and how your feeling. You will receive personalised advice and recommendations. S can provide your diagnostic information and relay your symptoms to healthcare professionals to make treatment more effective.

This idea was generated with voice in mind, you could converse with your health assistant and tell it how you’re feeling, allowing your GP to access this data before you reach your appointment.

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S Health Assistant - Symptoms

Accessibility in health

While it's true that your voice may be the most natural form of communication, when creating S it was abundantly clear that the most important thing when it comes to a new health assistant or health app is accessibility. Some may not be in the position to use their voice, struggle with hearing or at the other end of the spectrum may not be in a situation where they're able to tap the screen to input information, the remedy for this is simple, allow for multiple different ways to input information and to receive it. We made sure that anything that is spoken out loud by your new health assistant is also visible on screen, you can talk into your phone or you can type.

S sends timely push notifications to your device. Reminding you of important dates and medical to dos such as upcoming appointments. S is truly personal to your requirements and it learns from your behaviour. S grows more intelligent and more helpful over time.

Modern app development is about creating a practical, valuable experience that users will love – and that will root itself into their everyday lives.

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